Solutions are available for dangerous trash site

Sep 26, 2013

There have been enough accidents at the convenience center site on N.C. 209 to raise red flags in a number of areas.

First off, those traveling the road who are aware of the awkward turns and slow-moving traffic entering and exiting the trash center need to make a mental note to always slow down when approaching it.

As with most accidents, they happen when people aren’t paying attention or are going too fast. While there are inherent dangers with the set-up of the center, they can certainly be overcome if drivers would be more attentive.

Secondly, many in the community have asked that a different site be found for the center, one that has better traffic flow and more room.

That is easier said than done.

The county commissioners are well aware of the problems with the site and have been searching for another location for several years now.  If the county owned property along the route that was suitable, there wouldn’t be a problem.

But land will have to be acquired or leased for another site, and that will require a willing landowner in a better location to step forward.

Some have asked why the site can’t be moved to the former Crabtree elementary school area, land currently owned by the school district and used for the district’s food service program.

School administrators say there is considerable heavy truck traffic at the facility, and because of the rodents and flies that are commonly attracted to garbage, object to a convenience center right next to the place where food products are stored.

A final alternative the county could consider is closing the center. The site isn’t far from the Materials Recovery Center in Clyde, which is near the road most community residents travel to get to town.

As with many problems, there are multiple solutions to consider. Those who live in the Fines Creek, Crabtree and Iron Duff communities are the ones most affected by the issue. If there is to be a change, they are the ones in the driver’s seat.