'Some Assembly Required' — From Tristin's point of view

By Tristin Norris Goode | Feb 05, 2014
Photo by: Wende Goode THIRD PLACE WINNERS — Tristin Goode holds his and Shipley's third place certificates. Below, from left, are Bradford Shipley and Goode standing with their creation.

Tristin Norris Goode and Bradford Shipley, students at Clyde Elementary, participated in the N.C. Arboretum’s “Some Assembly Required” Lego exhibit that ran from Oct. 9, 2013 to Jan. 5, 2014. Their entry won third place in their age division. Goode shared his experience with The Mountaineer.

My mother found out about the competition (NC Arboretum “Some Assembly Required”) from Florence Martin, my best friend’s grandmother. She thought that I would like to do it because I had done a Lego competition before at the library. She was right, but I thought I should do it with my best friend Bradford Shipley because we make a good team.

Bradford and I are similar looking, know about the same things, have the same skills and interests. Together we are unstoppable, which makes a great team. We have been friends since preschool and hope to be friends for a long time.

Our mothers arranged a sleepover for us to discuss ideas. Our first idea was a giant skyscraper rising from the ground with mini villages below it. But then we thought we should build something much bigger, like a giant robot, and the next time we got together we started building. We started with the feet and came up with the idea to call it “Space Junk Monster Attacks” but ran into problems when we got to the arms and the head.

So we took apart the entire thing and decided to find something in my room that we could make look like a robot. Luckily, I had a robot I had built out of a driller set.

On our next get-together we added items to the robot to make it look like a bug and then made a scene around the bug coming out of the forest and attacking the fire and police departments that came to stop the giant bug from reaching the nearby town. When the creation was all done we thought of the name “Termite-atron Attacks.”

It was a tough competition because our division (ages 10-14) had the most creations entered and a lot of good creations. When I went to the viewing of the creations I didn’t expect to win. I felt like my friend Jordan Cloninger’s creation was the best in my category and when they said my name I was filled with excitement and was astonished that I didn’t hear Jordan’s name as the second- or first-place winner. I wished that Jordan’s creation was a Lego set I could buy in the store.

Bradford wasn’t able to come to the announcement of the winners. When I heard our names, I wondered what Bradford would say when he heard we had won. My mother had told me over and over again that it was a tough competition with lots of creations, and not to get my hopes up. She told me to just feel proud to have made a creation with my best friend and that just participating meant we were winners.

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