Special cat adoption rates

Haywood Co. Animal Shelter
245 Hemlock St., Waynesville
Dec 26, 2014
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

In an effort to place more cats and kittens in loving homes, Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation will subsidize the weekend adoption rates for cats and kittens at the Haywood County Animal Shelter, 245 Hemlock St., Waynesville.

The fee for adopting a shelter cat will be $15, male or female, if adopted at the county shelter Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This fee includes spay/neuter surgery and rabies vaccination.

To qualify for this lower rate, the adopter must be willing to send their new pet to Humane Alliance Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in Asheville. Sarge’s will provide transportation Monday and the adopter can pick up the cat at 10 a.m., Tuesday at the shelter.

The Humane Alliance requires all kittens to be 2 months and more than 2 lbs before they will do surgery. If the kitten is too small to go to Humane Alliance, the adopter must pay the subsidized rate of $27.50/male and $37.50 per female and opt for a local vet.

“We noticed when we offered a Friday the 13th special of $13 for black cats at the shelter and Sarge's Adoption Center, many cats were adopted.  We are hoping this Humane Alliance rate of $15 will encourage more potential cat adopters to check out the shelter for their new best friend," said Randi Pollack, Sarge's cat committee chair. "The shelter has many wonderful cats and kittens just waiting for their second chance. Hopefully, this weekend adoption fee will encourage adopters to provide a loving home.”

To encourage more cat adoptions and less euthanasia, Sarge’s currently subsidizes the shelter's adoption fees of $27.50/$37.50. Without this help, cat adoption rates would be $57.50/$87.50.

Sarge’s also helps out with weekend adoptions of dogs. The Humane Alliance fee for a dog adopted Friday, Saturday and Sunday is $56 compared to the range of $77.50 - $107.50 fees during theweek.

The Humane Alliance rates will be in effect unless Humane Alliance should be closed on a Monday.

For more information, call Sarge’s at 246-9050.