Spring Is In The Air

By Animal Hospital of Waynesville | Mar 21, 2012
Napping in the sunshine!!

Animal Hospital of Waynesville — Spring time is here!!! I just love this time of year. I love to lie in the windows and watch everything come to life outside. The flowers start to bloom. The trees start getting their little green buds. My favorite thing is to watch the birds and the bees fly around.

Spring time also means that more of my ole friends come in for a visit. I get to hear the stories of how they spent their winters. Some stay home and some get to travel to far off places like Florida. I have never been to Florida but I have heard that it is full of sunshine.

For some reason the sunshine makes me kitten like again! I start feeling more frisky. I really love it when a bug gets into the hospital and I have something to chase around. Although my stuff never seems to appreciate it when I offer my new toy to them to play with …wonder why???  Like for example one day I found this neat little bug that had like 8 legs and it moved super fast. I had so much fun running after it and waiting for it to come out of hiding. I just knew that my staff would enjoy it too. So I found a lucky staff member to share with. I walked right up to her, laid down my new toy and set back to watch the fun. Boy was I surprised when she turned, saw my new toy, and started screaming (I thought for joy). Boy was I wrong! She started doing some funny little dance and screaming. People ran to see what was going on and I heard someone say “aww it’s just a little spider”.  And that was the last time I ever got to play with my little spider. Humans are so funny sometimes.

Well I hear the afternoon sun calling me to come take a nap in its warmth.

Till next time!!

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