Spruce tree downed, too

By Vicki Hyatt | Apr 02, 2013
This photo was taken at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

A Monday decision by the Haywood County Board of Commissioners to remove the last tree in front of the courthouse, a red spruce, was one implemented quickly.

By 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, the county maintenance crew had felled the tree and were sawing off limbs so the trunk could be cut and given away.

Even though this tree was not one of the diseased ones, the board determined it looked out of place once the sugar maples were gone.

See full story in Wednesday's paper/

Comments (2)
Posted by: Charles Harrell | Apr 02, 2013 17:16

Folks, as a native of Haywood County now living in other parts I have watched the courthouse tree drama play out until the courthouse lawn is now treeless.  As a youngster I have fond memories of coming to town on Saturdays to get whatever we didn't grow. Sometimes we would picnic on the courthouse lawn and then watch court if there were any trials scheduled. Now I look at the picture in the Mountaineer and I see a building that resembles a prison on a hill. These were not the same trees that were there when I was a youngster but there were always trees on the courthouse lawn. I know the trees needed to come down but they will be missed. I wonder if more will be planted?    Charlie Harrell 

Posted by: A. Leon Polhill | Apr 04, 2013 13:06

Paula and  I enjoyed the shade of trees on the Haywood County Courthouse lawn last summer during the Folksmoot dancing.  They will be missed.  Now, it seems, the Courthouse is blocking a perfectly good view of the surrounding mountains.  Any ideas?

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