Star Performance By Sarge's!

By Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation | Dec 11, 2012
Photo by: Michael Ritter Linda Sexton and Donna Murray Head Up Our Cat Team

By Jean Larsen

At Sarge's, we measure success by pet lives saved and adoptions completed.  This has been a banner year for Sarge's, at least in part, due to our association with the new PetSmart.

On December 3rd, we achieved a great milestone!  With the adoption of Star, a striking, sparkling white cat with bright blue eyes by the Hatter family (, which took place at PetSmart, we have reached 200 cats adopted for 2012 … and the year isn't over yet!

Star is the delight of her new family's eye!  She has explored every nook and cranny of the Hatter home, barely taking time to eat.  And, on the very first night, she settled in to sleep on their bed.  Happy Star! Happy Hatters!

Sarge's association with our new PetSmart has been a very successful one, and has already dramatically increased our cat adoption numbers.  In our November 2012 adoption report, there were 22 cat adoptions compared to 9 in November 2011.  The big difference is the number of cat adoptions taking place at PetSmart. Our cats are available for adoption at PetSmart each and every day.

Sarge's November 2012 Adoption Report shows that in every single month this year, combined dog/cat adoptions have outpaced every other year since 2009. Kudos to Debi Slater, Sarge's Cat Team and all the tremendous volunteer efforts made to achieve these outstanding results. It is truly a team effort.

Sarge's mission is to "Save Animals From Euthanasia". Call (823) 246-9050 with your adoption questions! With your help, we can continue to make our numbers grow.