STAR Ranch receives facelift

Aug 09, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo Saria, one of 14 horses at STAR Ranch, checks out the newly renovated barn. Waynesville volunteer and donor Betty Beasley raised the funds necessary to the barn's new look.

STAR Ranch, home to 14 horses in various stages of recovery, began its seventh year July 1 with an upgrade to the STAR barn.   Thanks to Waynesville volunteer and donor Betty Beasley, who took it upon herself to raise the needed funds, the STAR Ranch barn has moved away from the mud that has plagued Haywood County these past several months.

The front of the STAR barn is now concrete as are the four stalls and entrance into the barn. Gravel borders the front, allowing a car to pull up and its passenger to walk into the barn without being in mud up to his or her ankles.  More importantly, the horses’ hooves are not compromised by being exposed to mud in their stalls.

Power washing, painting and replacing old rotten boards have all further enhanced the look and well being of the barn for the horses and their people.  Broken exterior lights were replaced and stall gates repaired. Large rubber mats cover the concrete in the stalls, which were then covered with pine shavings.  This provides a comfy new place for the rescued horses to eat, roll and take a nap.

To date, 59 horses have been welcomed at STAR, many of whom went on to live in wonderful new homes. Some stayed forever.

To join up with the STAR angels, visit or call 400-4940.

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