Starting down the road to health

By Carly Brown, MD | Jan 11, 2017
Photo by: Donated photo

It’s a New Year and between my family and new practice opening, I am busy! Sometimes it’s hard to remember to pause and take it all in.

But as I look around at the snow stacked high over every surface in Biltmore Forest, I feel happy. Today we went sledding and everywhere you looked were smiling faces, adults and children alike, pink from the cold and hustle of running up and down the hills. I remembered why we moved to Asheville, craving access to the incredible outdoors, to be surrounded by those who feel the same.

The General Social Survey, a set of questions about attitudes in the U.S. carried out since 1972, reports the greatest determinant of personal happiness is health. As a physician, I bear witness to this every day and while the Declaration of Independence guarantees each American the right to the pursuit of happiness, no one, not even the founding fathers, could guarantee health. The pursuit of health is an individual endeavor, but thankfully you are not alone.

Starting on the road to health can be intimidating. Small steps are best. We all have obstacles to achieving the health we want, but help is all around us. If your goal is to get fit, turn to a friend and hold each other accountable. When losing weight, technology is your friend. Download an App, track your calories both in and out, and be patient, because it takes time for your body to adjust to both good and bad habits. Engage your family and friends in big changes, it takes a village.

Some habits are harder to break than others and you may need a little professional help. Asheville offers a wide selection of wonderful health providers, both traditional and non-traditional, whose approaches and practices vary, but often complement one another and can lead to wellness.

Another component of our wellness worth discussing is our mental health. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to someone you trust about your feelings and ask for help. Our strength is in our community and sometimes the best medicine is helping those around us who need it most.

Our hope is that in your honorable pursuit, health will lead you to happiness.

Happy New Year Asheville and may it be a healthy one.