State recognizes fourth-graders for making Christmas ornaments

Lt. Governor's office names winners of state Christmas Ornament Competition
By Shelby Harrell Staff Writer | Dec 22, 2013
Photo by: Shelby Harrell Pictured, from left, back row, is fourth grade teacher Elaine Tanner, art teacher Julie Buchanan and Rebekah Bradley, assistant to the chief of staff office of the lieutenant governor. In the front row, from left, are fourth-graders Emma Burris, Leah Jones, Luke Wilson and Zoe Mina.

Junaluska Elementary School fourth graders decided to get crafty last month when they submitted homemade Christmas ornaments to the office of Lt. Gov. Daniel J. Forest as part of the State of North Carolina 2013 Christmas Ornament Competition.

For the competition, Forest was looking for students to make North Carolina themed Christmas ornaments to display at the historic Hawkins-Hartness House in Raleigh.

On Friday, the students were recognized by Rebekah Bradley, an assistant to the chief of staff office of the Lieutenant Governor, who visited the school and awarded the top four fourth-graders for their creative designs.

"We were absolutely thrilled you guys made ornaments for the Christmas tree," Bradley told the fourth-graders, who gathered in the media center. "Our tree was the most beautiful out of all the trees in Raleigh. Everyone who came in the office said it was beautiful and so creative. So thank you — it has been such a joy to demonstrate the work you did for us."

Bradley awarded Emma Burris with first place, and gave her an NC state flag. Leah Jones came in second, followed by Luke Wilson with third and in fourth place was Zoe Mina.

Bradley also presented a NC state flag to the staff of Junaluska Elementary School.

Julie Buchanan, the Junaluska Elementary art teacher, was instrumental in helping all three fourth-grade classes create their themed ornaments. The school currently has about 60 fourth-grade students.