Student bites, stabs bus driver with pen

By DeeAnna Haney | Feb 24, 2013

Law enforcement intervened after a 14-year-old male student attempted to bite and stab a bus driver Friday.

The boy and two other students were riding a bus from the Middle School Academy, which serves high risk students from each of the three middle schools in the county, said Associate Superintendent Dr. Bill Nolte.

After interviewing the bus driver and the students, Nolte said it appears the student, who cannot be named because he is a minor, was having a conversation with the driver before he lunged at her, biting and attempting to stab her with a pen.

"As best we can tell there was nothing from anyone there to indicate anything happened other than this student lost control," Nolte said.

The driver pulled the bus on the side of the road and the students' parents were notified and they were taken home.

Law enforcement and the boy's parents arrived to intervene.

The driver was wearing a thick jacket, and aside from some minor bite marks, she did not appear to be injured, Nolte said.

As protocol after an injury, the student will likely undergo a threat assessment, he said, adding that disciplinary action will be decided this week after the principal looks at bus video surveillance and talks with witnesses.