Surviving the Death of a Child

Long's Chapel UMC
133 Old Clyde Road, Waynesville NC
Jan Peterson
Apr 03, 2013
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

The death of a child can be the most devastating loss parents can suffer.  Will you ever 'get over it' ?  No  Can you honor your child's memory and go on ?  Yes   Do people that offer to help really understand?  Probably Not

Meeting with others that have experienced a similar loss can be helpful.  Grief and Beyond support group will offer a series of three sessions that will specifically focus on surviving the death of a child, of any age, including video segments, related information and support.  The sessions are open to parents and grandparents.  They will be held in the Dugan Room #210 at Long's Chapel UMC on March 13, 20 and April 3, 5:30- 7 pm.  They will be facilitated by Jan Peterson, MS, grief specialist and Robin Minick, LPCA, NCC, Hospice counselor. There is no charge or pre-registation.