Sushi pusher

By Caroline Klapper | Nov 27, 2012
Photo by: Donated photo Sushi — you know you want it.

I have an addiction, and far from being ashamed of it, I regularly try to push my addiction on others.

Friends, family and even acquaintances are subjected to my “sales” pitch.

“All the cool kids are doing it,” I say with a sly smile. “Just try it once. I know you’ll like it.”

Sometimes it works, and they, too, succumb to the addiction. Others are too wily and avoid the trap, while some try it and somehow fail to fall victim to the siren call of ... sushi.

Yes, sushi my friends — that delectable concoction of rice, nori (seaweed) and fish. It’s a beautiful thing.

I know some people are squeamish about eating raw fish, but you shouldn’t be. Sushi, done right, is delicious. The fish practically melts in your mouth, and it doesn’t taste fishy at all. If it does, it’s not good sushi.

But for those who still won’t “go there” with raw fish, there are usually a myriad of cooked sushi rolls available at most sushi restaurants. Shellfish, such as shrimp, crab or crawfish, are always served cooked, and sometimes fried! Yes, you can get fried food in your sushi, and these days, they’ll even fry the whole roll. There are also sauces, vegetables and more involved in the sushi world.

For beginners, I usually recommend any of the cooked sushi rolls. Then, once they’re hooked on that, I can sometimes move them on to the harder stuff. If that takes, then they are hooked for life and no matter where they go or what they do, they’ll always be looking for their next fix.

Sushi is one of a long list of things that people who love it feel the need to MAKE other people love it, too.

Think of your favorite movie, song, band, artist — and then think about your reaction to someone who tells you they haven’t heard of it before or just don’t like it.

For some reason, people have an almost instinctual response:

“Whaaaat? You haven’t seen/don’t like (fill in the blank)!?! What is wrong with you?We are watching/listening to/going to see/eat (fill in the blank) RIGHT NOW! It’s soooo awesome,” you gush.

If the person resists, we suddenly turn into part of the Borg collective  (I know, my nerdiness is showing), chanting “Resistance if futile,” while forcing them to watch/listen to/eat this thing that we love.

I guess it’s only natural to want those around us to share our passion and enthusiasm for the things we love. But people seem to have this thing about being “individuals,” and for some reason, don't like everything I like. Whatever.

Who’s up for sushi?

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