Take it easy

Re-energize with a little TLC
By Aaron Mabry | Feb 09, 2012

It’s incredible how badly we often procrastinate with our workouts. One day you’re on top of the world, working out regularly and feeling like nothing can stop you.
But how is it that you can feel this way and then realize two weeks have gone by and you haven’t so much as laced up your running shoes. Call it life, family, kids, whatever it may be. But things can most assuredly get away from you in a hurry.
When this happens, however, the first thing you need to do is develop a plan. And don’t be cheesy and call it your ultimate comeback plan. Let’s be real here. Chances are you’re going to get back in the swing of things and then fall off the horse again anyway.
Personally, I feel like this is natural. And call me crazy, but I think it’s healthy to periodically take time off from running and find solace in some other extracurricular activities. Once in a while, skip your weekend long run and go play golf, hike with your kids or go mountain biking. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed and what better way to do so then by spending time doing the things you love most?
Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Once you’ve reveled in the joys of all of these extracurriculars and you’re ready to hop back on the wagon, what’s the first thing you should do?

Let consumption be your function! (I’ve always wanted to say that.) Try starting with a focus on eating properly. After all, you’re workouts are only going to be as good as the food you eat and the fluids you take in. Drink plenty of water,  and eat lean meats packed with protein and essential nutrients. This will help fuel your workouts and ultimately give you a great starting block for finding your way back into healthy daily habits.

Start Slow
It’s important that when you’re reentering the domain of fitness and exercise that you give yourself the best chance right from the beginning. This means not diving back into the same workouts you were doing when you were in peak physical shape.
Do yourself a favor and start slow. Fitness, in and of itself is a slow chain of progression that, sans metabolic assistance, takes time and diligence to develop. The worst thing you can do is dive in too fast and find yourself at a stand-still when simply trying to sit down on the toilet, so start slow and avoid the aches and pains of overdoing it.

The Wise Man Said…
Patience is a virtue. It won’t all come at once. It’ll take time. And rest assured you’ll have your fair share of both triumphs and disappointments along the way. Though it’s all in good sport because as long as you’ve got goals and a plan to achieve them, then how can you go wrong?
So call it procrastination if you will. But chances are if you’re procrastinating, then your heart really wasn’t in it for that moment in time anyway. So take time off and let your passion rebuild. And when you’re back in the swing of things and running again, you’ll be glad you did.

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