Take time to get healthy

Oct 04, 2013

Today is the last day you can sign up for the Healthy Haywood Fitness Challenge — but for the many who have already signed up, it is just the beginning.

This past week, fitness challengers have already been taking advantage of yoga, swimming, weightlifting and all types of exercise classes, and there are plenty more opportunities available to those who register in time.

If you stop by the Fitness Connection from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and register for $10, you will not only buy yourself 24 visits to just about any local fitness center in the area, but you will also gain six weeks of gym time and plenty of community support.

If you’ve been thinking about getting healthier, feeling better physically or just seeing what facilities are available in the community, now is your chance to get healthy and encourage others to do the same. But what’s most exciting is — the challenge works.

The event has been ongoing for about seven years, and many fitness centers have reported seeing new faces and bigger crowds during those six challenge weeks. And even after the six weeks are up, some residents will find themselves ready to continue exercising — whether it’s at home or as a new member of a gym.

With the prospect of exercise camaraderie, it didn’t take long to get everyone at The Mountaineer excited about the Fitness Challenge. Everyone in the newsroom has registered and is eager to start attending some Zumba or Fitness and Nutrition classes together. We even have an ongoing competition to see who uses the most gym visits during the six-week time frame.

It doesn’t take much to inspire someone to be healthier, and that’s what the Fitness Challenge is all about. Spending six weeks on a treadmill or in an exercise class might be just the right push someone needs to improve his or her lifestyle.

We challenge you all to take advantage of this great opportunity, and to not only better yourself, but to also share your experience with others. You never know when you might inspire someone and make a difference in their lives.

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