Talking Teeth

By Animal Hospital of Waynesville | Feb 20, 2012
Photo by: Carmela's Staff Hanging with my staff

Man it has been busy-busy here at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville. We are right in the middle of Dental Month (February 1st – March 15th). So far we have preformed 34 dental procedures. MEOW!!!!


It wasn’t till I was adopted by Dr. Hammett that I realized how important dental care is to both cats and dogs. Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease as early as 3 years of age? MEOW-WOW! Signs of dental disease include: bad breath (worse than just “dog/cat breath”), pawing at the face/mouth, drooling, acting depressed, red gums and a change in eating habits.


Other facts:

-Having dental disease can affect your pet’s heart, lungs, liver and/or kidneys.

-There are over 300 types of bacteria that live naturally in your pet’s mouth.

-Dental Disease is the most common preventable illness in pets and it can be the most commonly overlooked area by owners.


You know I think I may even talk to my staff about signing me up to get my teeth cleaned. Which brings me to my next point …. FELINE FRIENDS out of 34 dental procedures only 3 … 3 have been cats and the rest have been dogs. We can not let this go on. We have to show those canines who’s the best …. Us cats!!! So to all my feline followers out there, have your staff (I mean owners) call the Animal Hospital of Waynesville and schedule your dental cleaning today.