TEA Party holds NC statewide conference March 16

Mar 06, 2013

HICKORY — North Carolina TEA Party Coalition is hosting a free “Turning Up the Heat on the TEA Party Message” with speakers focused on image and messages that will reach all demographics and age groups.

The Conference will gather people interested in the TEA Party movement from all across the state of North Carolina. Well known sponsors include Freedom Works, TEA Party Patriots, Americans for Prosperity, and NC Values Coalition.

Nationally recognized speakers and a Round Table session will define the TEA message to reach all people.

“The TEA Party plans to ‘Take our Message Back.' Since the national media has allowed politicians and others to speak for the TEA Party it has been difficult to recognize the grass roots nature of the groups,” said Coalition member Lynda Bennett. “This Conference is all about the message at the local level.”

All the pubic is welcome. There is no cost to attend the conference but there is limited seating. Tickets may be reserved by visiting the website www.ncTEAcoalition.com .

Everyone who attends the free conference will learn “words that work” on key issues such as Voter Integrity, Government-controlled Health Care Tax, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Seal the Border & Sustainable Development.


“The TEA Party message appeals to people of all color, economic backgrounds and ages with a ‘common sense’ message,” said North Carolina TEA Party Coalition member Kevin Shinault. “It is just as important how we say things; as it is what we are saying.”


Author Dr. C.L. Gray, MD and creator of the documentary film “The Determinators” will be the key note speaker. Jay DeLancy will help define the message on Voter Integrity laws. The saga ‘Seal the Border’ will be discussed with film maker Mark Hagar.


Dr. Glenn Pinckney, Sr. will present “Enhancing Collaborations” between different demographics. Dr. Dan Eichenbaum relates the effects of ‘Sustainable Development’ to local counties across the state. Jane Bilello will share the aggressive local TEAPOT her group has implemented to protect the ‘Right to Keep and Bear Arms.'


TEA Party stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” The Conference is designed to help individuals speak to their neighbors at the local level about these topics of interest and expand the appeal of the TEA Party using the media, public forums and legislation.


TEAPOTS are TEA Party Organizational Teams that provide information and action items to local grassroots activists. They help keep the TEA Parties on the same topic - at the same time - across the whole state.


Attend the free conference from 12:30-5:30 p.m. Saturday, March 16 at Pin Station Conference Center located at 525 West A St, Newton, NC 28658 in the Hickory Metro Area. An agenda is available at www.ncTEAcoalition.com - sign on here to get updates and register for the conference. Contact the912er@gmail.com or 828-320-4228.