Teach kids about the magic of music

Kindermusik registration starts Aug. 25
Aug 24, 2014
Leah Henson-Milan instructs children during a Kindermusik class.

Music is lifelong a journey that can never begin too early in life and one that is always worth starting regardless of age; at least that is the philosophy of Leah Milan at Heartstrings Music Studio.

Beginning their second year of group Kindermusik classes and private lessons in voice, guitar and piano, Heartstrings seeks to awaken the joy of music in our youngest generation as well as stoke the flames of passion in older students.

Heartstrings will be hosting a registration party from 5 to 7 p.m. Aug. 25 at the studio to begin their second year of musical instruction. Classes begin Aug. 26.

Located at 392 Jones Cove Rd., Clyde, Heartstrings offers a variety of Kindermusik classes and Milan is willing to teach anyone from 8 weeks to 80 years. Milan, instructor and Haywood County native, teaches Kindermusik, group and private guitar classes, voice and beginner piano. Her goal is “to help put music in her student’s heart to stay.”

The Studio has some spots available for private lessons in voice, guitar and piano, and is looking to bring on another piano teacher who has years of experience instructing young children. Kindermusik classes will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays with morning classes on Tuesdays and afternoon/evening classes on both days.

“There are classes and lessons that will meet you where you are, no matter where you are in life,” she says.

Heather Guisti enrolled her three children in Kindermusik classes last year, and they love it.

"This place is wonderful. I've had all three of my boys in Kindermusik since birth, two of them before birth actually. I believe music is such a blessing physically, mentally, developmentally and emotionally but the best thing about this is they love it! My youngest asks 'Is it sing together day today?' almost every day. I love this time with him, it is uninterrupted and [filled with] singing and laughing,” says Heather Giusti, whose three children are enrolled at Heartstrings.

Because music should always be a joy filled experience, Milan and Heartstrings embraces an uncompromising commitment to creating music lovers and to taking special care of each student.

“We are absolutely dedicated to our love of music and to our desire to provide something that nowhere else can — a true, blue, knee slapping good time, without pressure but with a standard of excellence that encourages students to 'give it your best.' We make sure that each student enjoys their time here,” says Milan.

With a fun, central studio location, an inspired and committed owner/teacher, several scheduling options, and open enrollment, Heartstrings makes it easy to get started.

“We want to be a part of your student's musical journey from infancy to college. We want to help ensure that you have an amazing musical journey, one that will create a music lover and a music maker not just a performer,” says Milan.

Milan, an avid singer-songwriter, is passionate about seeing children and people learn and grow. Over the past decade she has worked as a teacher in Kindergarten, Pre-K, Music and as a preschool teachers assistant. Having also worked as an aid to children and teens with Autism, as well as in Church Ministry, she desires to share her love for all types of music and to help others learn and grow socially, intellectually and creatively. Milan studied music at North Greenville University and went on to continue her education in studying Birth to Kindergarten Education.

You can find Heartstrings Music Studio on the Internet at www.heartstringsmusicstudio.com or call (828) 549-8802 for more information.