Teacher petition comes to Waynesville June 16

Jun 12, 2014

Over 61,000 people have signed Aim Higher Now’s petition telling the General Assembly to raise North Carolina teacher salaries to the national average.

At 3:30 p.m. Monday, June 16, at the Haywood County Courthouse in Waynesville, those petition signatures will come to Haywood County as teachers, parents and students gather to demand an end to the attacks on North Carolina’s public schools.

Many of our best teachers are leaving the state, leaving the profession, or having to work second jobs because of terrible pay. Meanwhile, voters overwhelmingly support the move to raise teacher pay to the national average over the next four to five years.

How have lawmakers responded? Gov. McCrory is proposing a plan that would strip millions in funding from higher education. The Senate is proposing a pay raise in exchange for stripping teaching assistants from all second and third grade classrooms in the state. Meanwhile, the House plan gambles on a budget gimmick of convincing more people to play the North Carolina lottery to raise money to pay teachers.

All of these plans pay election-year lip service to education, but none of them provide a responsible long-term plan to give teachers a meaningful raise without gimmicks or further attacks on public education. So it’s time to stop playing games, and get serious about paying North Carolina’s educators what they’re worth.