Ted review

By Max Maier | Nov 28, 2012

In honor of Ted coming to DVD and Blu-ray in a couple of weeks, I think i should let you all know how great it is.

First off, it is from the creative mind of Seth Macfarlane, so you know it is going to be entertaining. Love or hate Seth’s shows, everybody can admit that the man is creative. And leave it to him to take the story of a boy and his teddy bear and turn it into an adult comedy that delivers. This is a comedy worth checking out.


The story starts with narration from the great Patrick Stewart, and he starts the laughs right off the bat. a young boy named John (played by MarkWahlberg) wishes his newly received teddy bear would come to life so he could have a best friend. Well, some disney magic comes through and the bear comes to life. The 2 friends start a bond that would never be broken. Through the course of almost 3 decades, Ted becomes a famous celebrity (being a talking toy) and also loses popularity and becomes an average joe shmoe. Meanwhile, John meets Lori (played by Mila Kunis) at a club and they fall in love. as the film reaches the current time, John, Lori and Ted live together. John is his 30′s and has been with Lori for 4 years, while John and Ted have been friends for 27 years. The movie’s plot centalizes around the theme of growing up. Being a comedy from the mind of Family Guy’s creator, you would imagine that the plot would be pure nonsense and just be stupid, well prepare to be proven wrong. Yes, the movie is raunchy, random and very funny, but it also manages to tell a great story that will get you involved. The laughs are continuous throughout the entire film, even when the tone becomes more serious in the second half. The movie will shock you sometimes with its humor, but it is never too over the top. It hits the mark almost everytime, ranging from slight chuckles to belly laughs. This is a really funny movie, one of the funniest in a long time.

The cast is also incredible. Wahlberg does a great job playing a boy in a man’s body, and his improv skills and comedic timing with Ted are top-notch. Mila Kunis also does a great job as the patient girlfriend, yet you can see her patience grow thin with John. Whenever she is upset, it is justified and handled right. She never comes off as a nonsensical bitch, which is remarkable tough to pull off in movies nowadays. The rest of the supporting cast is never pushed forward too hard, with the exception of the film’s villain, who was shockingly believable and relatable. Granted, he was a little annoying, but you understood why he does what he does and he ends up being a villain that you hate, but understand. Again, really well done. The rest of the supporting cast is just used for jokes or small parts, never central to plot. There are even a couple of non-listed cameos that are hilarious.

Lastly, I need to talk about Ted, who is one of the most well created and lovable characters in recent memory. The CGI used to create Ted is really well done. If you put aside the real-life concept that he isnt really there, he looks believable. The way he is animated into the backgrounds and interacts with real life objects, he really looks like he is there. This is especially apparent in the hotel scene, which gives more props to Wahlberg’s talent. Andy Serkis’ work with King Kong and Cesar was believable too, and looked incredibly realistic, but those were big budget graphical masterpieces. Ted is comedy from Seth Macfarlene. Two completely different levels of cinema. It really is nice to see this much care taken into creating a charcter like this. Ted himself, is also lovable. Yes, he is very crude and insulting. His scenes at the grocery store are great proof of that. But his serious scenes with John and Lori later in the film are powerful stuff. There are some tear jerkers in there, but then he will turn around and make you laugh your butt off. That is impressive for a character. Oh and he is voiced by Seth Macfarlane, need i say more about Ted’s comedic timing?

Overall, I absolutely love this movie. Everything about it was well done. Yes, some of the jokes are hit or miss, but most of the humor is hilarious. It tells a great story, has a great cast of characters, is insanely quotable, makes you get emotionally involved and makes you laugh the whole ride. The only problem I could see is for people who hate Seth Macfarlane’s style of comedy. If you hate Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show and so on, you might be turned off by Ted’s humor. But I implore you, go see this movie. It manages to take the best aspects of Seth’s shows’ humor and mixes it with a great and coherent story. It really is remarkable. I cannot wait to see Ted’s hilarious return to the big screen, and encourage all of you to witness one of the most hilarious movies in a long time.

I give Ted a 5 out of 5