Thank you notes

Did your know? There's a lot to be thankful for
By Paul Viau | Nov 17, 2011
Photo by: File photo THANKS FOR READING — Did you know? Having readers like you is “Sweet.”

Not many people take the time to write thank you notes anymore. But we of the “older generation” know our manners. We thoughtfully put pen to paper and send a written “thank you” for personal kindness of others and the gifts we receive

DYK — the younger generation (LOL) just whips out their thumbs and fires off a barrage of text messages. I’m sorry 4 U, & I hope you learn some manners L8R in life. Sadly, my guess is that your communication skills will always be WYSIWYG.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’d like to write a few of my own Thanksgiving “thank you” notes. I’ve got way more to be thankful for to fit in just one column, but here’s a start.

Thank you, TSA, and a big pat on the back (and close to your private parts) for keeping America safe.

Thank you, my loyal readers — around town and at Maggie Valley Club — for your positive feedback and friendly reminders when I stray from the facts. (If I had paid attention in chemistry class, I would have known that lime is not a nitrate.)

Thank you, Nina Snow, of Cackleberry Mountain, for all those decorations (especially the snowflakes) that graced your beautiful store all those years. You are an inspiration, and will be missed. We all wish you well.

Thank you, Sarge's, for caring about all those little creatures that enrich our lives.

Thank you, Twiggy, for your cuddles and your “cattitude,” and hanging in there to spend a few more weeks (hopefully months) with us.

Thank you, The Mountaineer, for giving this loudmouth a voice in the community.

Thank you, Knights of Columbus, for all the good you do for Haywood County.

And thank you, all the other groups and individuals that rise to the occasion to give much needed help to others

Thank you, Holy Smoke barbecue ministry. I can’t wait to taste our Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you, brother Rob and SIL Pam, for choosing the Waynesville area for your retirement. The local brewers better step up production.

Thank you, Clark and Jenny Williams, for bringing us Frog Level Brewing Company — Waynesville’s own beer — and my wife’s favorite, Catcher in the Rye.

Thank you, Angry Birds and golf, for keeping me both frustrated and humble.

Thank you, Doug Mercer, for a great motorcycle vacation in the Smokies … and a thankful shout out to biker Hal Eastburn, for showing Pigeon Forge your Queen’s wave.

Thank you, Charles Queener, for always mowing and blowing your way to the best yard on Evergreen Farm Circle. You set the bar high, my friend.

Thank you, Bud Dirscherl and family, for delivering my mail and the frequent reminder that fitness matters.

Thank you, doctors Catterson, Grosse, Peterson and Morrison, for less pain and more reason to smile.

Thank you to my two boys, their two wives and our four grandchildren, and for FaceTime that allows us to goof around together.

Thank God, for giving me such a loving partner to share the rest of my life.

Carol, special, special thanks to you for always being there for the family.

And I almost forgot — thank you for all your “Honey Do” lists.

Thanks to you, I know how I’ll spend the rest of my day.