The Amazing Spider-man movie review

By Max Maier | Jul 04, 2012

I try to review movies that are relevant to my age group and are pretty popular. Well in 2002, Spider-man premiered in movie theatres and brought a massive wave of popularity for the wall crawler. I've been a fan of Spider-man since I was a little kid, so these movies were big for me. The Spider-man trilogy featuring Tobey Maguire are some of my favorite movies. However, alot of people did not like anything about the Spider-man 3 in 2007. Even I can admit, the movie had its flaws, but I still loved it.

So instead of continuing with Spider-man 4, Marvel Studios has decided to reboot the entire series and start over. That's where The Amazing Spider-man comes in. Spider-man has had many aliases in his comic stories over the years: amazing, ultimate, spectacular and so on. So to give this movie a different vibe, they expanded his name, although this has no reflection on the character. I will reference the new movie as Amazing, and reference the 2002 movie as Spider-man

So how was the movie? I liked it, I really did, but i left the theatre conflicted. There are good things and bad things about this movie, unfortunately the movie can't stack up to the original movies. Let's dive in a little bit, and as always, I will keep the spoilers out.

I'll start with one of the biggest points, Spider-man himself. It's very hard to pick which Spidey is better. Maguire was a good actor, don't get me wrong, but his Peter Parker was always a little awkward and a bit of a whiner. Fortunately Peter Parker was awkward in the comics, especially in his early years. However, Maguire gave good personality to Spider-man.

How does the new kid, Andrew Garfield, stack up? Pretty darn good. His take on the awkward Peter Parker was much more spot on, and his Spider-man was much more witty and traditional. Spider-man was a wise-cracker and a teaser in his comics, Garfield has nailed this and shown us a great Spider-man. Unfortunately, this doesn't carry on through the whole film. Also, Spider-man is very secretive about his identity, it took alot to make him reveal his identity. In this movie, he took it off at almost every chance he had, it was very out of character and sloppy in writing. I hope they patch that up in the sequel.

Also, the supporting cast is interesting. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey in Amazing is much better than Kirsten Dunst as MJ in Spider-man. She is smarter and more independent, which is much better to watch than a damsel in distress. The rest of the supporting cast is better in Amazing, with one major exception: J. Jonah Jameson. J.K Simmons' performance as JJ in Spider-man was one of the highlights of the film and gave it most of its humor and and a good amount of its entertainment. In Amazing, JJ isn't even a casted character, and is truly missed.

Now this is where Amazing starts loosing the war, the story and villain. the story in Amazing just doesn't do as good a job as Spider-man. Both movies tell the origin story of Spider-man. Spider-man in 2002 handled it the traditional way, and kept most of the elements from the comics, with the exception of MJ and Green Goblin's fate. Amazing tried to change things up, give a different, darker and more realistic edge. It doesnt quite do it, the story ends up just being average, or maybe even below. Also, The Lizard, the villain of the film, is handled poorly. The actor for him does a good job as Dr.Connors, but once he transforms to Lizard, it just falls apart. Almost nothing is done right, his look, voice, attitudes. The only thing they got right was motivation, it is a shame that this villain got butchered like this.

Overall, yes, the movie is good. It is a good superhero movie and a decent action movie, but it can't beat the original. Elements of Amazing might be better, but we did not need a reboot, at least not so soon after 5 years. The other movies are still fresh in pop culture and our age group, this reboot should have at least waited a little while longer. I recommend it to Spidey fans out there, just don't expect the next best thing for your favorite wall crawler.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5


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