The Corbitt Brothers Band Live!

Arts & Entertainment
Alley Kats Tavern
154 Hemlock St., Waynesville
Wanda S Brooks
Sep 28, 2013
9:00 PM

Raw, fierce, God-given talent to create and perform music is what best describes the CORBITT BROTHERS BAND. Simply put, the CORBITT BROTHERS jam! They have a killer, hard-driving, southern rock sound with a well-rounded sound of bluesy rock, gritty southern country, and a classic flavored edge to great timeless tunes. Genres include southern rock, outlaw country, blues, reggae, bluegrass and pretty much everything in between. Their original music comes from the heart and is relevant to today. This diversity enables them to please any crowd.

The band’s passion for playing music and entertaining is second to none. They engage a crowd with explosive energy, amazing talent and magnetism from the first song to the always requested encore. 

Another major bullet in their arsenal is ISAAC CORBITT on the harmonica. He is one of the best harmonica artists in the country and has been compared to John Popper of Blues Traveler. When he lets it rip on the harmonica, crowds are electrified and on their feet in minutes cheering him on.

Only $5 at the door with a $2 credit towards your first drink!