The Dark Knight Rises movie review

By Max Maier | Jul 28, 2012

Being the Batman fan that I am, I saw this movie the day it came out. However I waited to post this review in respect of the Colorado tragedy. I'm not sure if it effected anybody in Haywood County, but you never know.

People approach this trilogy of Batman movies in many different ways. Some people don't quite like the drastic changes to Batman's history. Some people don't like the dark tones or realistic approach to the Batman Universe. Most people either embrace these factors or look past them and love these movies.

Me though, I'm kind of a mixed bag. Don't get me wrong, I love these movies, especially The Dark Knight Rises. The realistic approach is, ok. It works with their villains most of the time, the only exception for me was Scarecrow in Batman Begins. The dark tones though, again they are ok, but I personally prefer the grand overture of movies like The Avengers. The dark tones worked with the Joker in The Dark Knight, because Joker was a twisted villain who was indeed dark. In the Dark Knight Rises, it was pitch perfect. The tone was perfectly balanced.

Like I mentioned earlier, I loved this movie, I could hardly find anything wrong with this movie, even a week later. Yes I have my nitpicks, but no major complaints like with The Amazing Spider-man.

I'll start with the cast, because this has been the make or break of Batman movies for decades. This trilogy of Batman movies have always had great casts, and The Dark Knight Rises cements this factor. Once again, Christian Bale blew me away. I hate this man, he beat his mother and sister in real life and has been a horrible man to fellow cast members of previous movies. Unfortunately, he plays a great Bruce Wayne in these movies. You truly believe he is this old and broken man who has been through hell and back. However, his Batman is badass and comical at the same time. He is still the brooding superhero we all love, but that voice is still hilarious. The gravely voice is the brunt of many jokes now, but he is still a better Batman than most.

I'm going to get this next part out of the way quick, Anne Hathaway nailed Catwoman. She was great, not perfect, but great. She is the best movie Catwoman yet. Michael Caine was a great and suprisingly sentimental Alfred. His care and concern for Bruce was touching and every scene with him tugged at your heart. And as always, Morgan Freeman was frickin great, because he is Morgan Freeman. Joseph-gordon Levitt and Gary Oldman also deliver great performances in supporting roles. Levitt is a great surprise addition.

The big factor though, is the villain, the man who broke the Batman, Bane. Oh my God Bane blew me away. Everybody talks about Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight, how he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yes, he was amazing, but Jack Nicholson was a phenomenal movie Joker as well, and Mark Hamill has perfected the Joker persona in voice work.

Bane has the benefit of having no real competition, he only has 1 movie rendition in the past in Batman & Robin, and that was a disaster and practically kicked the memory of the character in the private place. Bane is a brilliant tactician who rivals Batman in brains, and is much more powerful than Batman. Bane is most famous in the comics for being the only villain to actually defeat Batman and put him in the hospital. In the comics, Bane gets his power by injecting venom into his bloodstream and becoming a steroid-pumping tank. In the movie, I was actually surprised to like his origin story more. I can't spoil it, but the details of Bane's past in this movie is a great twist. Bane was a show stealer for me. He was sinister, intimidating, evil, amusing, epic and a true threat that is almost too much for Batman. Tom Hardy had a mask covering most of his face and masking his voice throughout the whole film, yet he conveyed every emotion like a pro. People will always talk about Heath Ledger's Joker, but I will be talking about Tom Hardy's amazing performance as Bane.

Now the story, which unfortunately I can't say too much, because alot of it is in spoiler territory. All I can tell you is, Batman has been retired for 8 years, but Bane coming to Gotham is enough to get Batman's attention and Bane gives him the biggest challenge of his career. This story blew me away, it was so well written and handled, I never wanted it to end. The movie runs 2 hours and 45 minutes, and it didn;t drag once. Even Avatar and Titanic dragged, especially Titanic. The Dark Knight Rises was a constant flow of entertainment. The action was also great, the fight scenes between Batman and Bane were a joy to watch, although Batman's battle roars were a bit awkward.

Lastly, the ending was the best ending in a superhero movie I've ever seen. Again, I can't spoil anything, but I'll say that you won't leave dissapointed, one character's fate is questionable, but everything else is perfectly handled and left a big smile on my face. However, big Batman fans like myself, will have their jaw dropped on the floor from joy and excitement.

In conclusion, this is the best Batman movie I've ever seen. Its story was phenomenal, the action was great and the cast delivered a knock-out performance. Is it the best superhero movie ever? For CLOSE!!! For me it's still the Avengers, however The Dark Knight Rises has secured its spot in the best. But it's also one of the best movies ever. I reccommend this movie for everybody, I think anybody can enjoy this movie. This movie is the perfect Batman movie. Congratulations DC comics, don't try to beat it, you've created the Holy Batgrail.

I give it a score of 5 out of 5


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