The Essence of Rest

By Kristian Buckner | Aug 06, 2012

An electric melody crescendos into my ear waking me from my slumber. I gently press the off button of the device and rise from my pillow to stretch and wipe the sleep from my eyes. I swivel my body and rest my feet on the refreshingly cool floor and slowly stand and ease my way into the kitchen towards the coffee maker.


That's what I would like to think my mornings could be like everyday, but alas, that's quite an impossible promise to keep to myself. I think we can all agree that there is nearly nothing better in the world then a good sleep, and waking up in the morning feeling well and rested. That's a feeling, even in the summer, that somehow is a rarity for me.


A good life's basis starts with taking care of your body, I don't want to go all doctorial on you or anything, but the truth is the truth, and the truth stands that eating right, drinking a proper amount of water, and getting a good amount of sleep is roots for a happy life. Lacking in any can be surprisingly effective on the outcome of your day.


I've been thinking about this lately though, not because of reading any health magazines or looking at Yahoo news, but I've been thinking about sleep mainly because I've gotten such a lackthereof lately. Sometimes I feel like it's just me whose life seems way to busy to keep track of and there's nearly no time in the day! In reality though, besides children and the very wealthy, I think that's really all of us. And now that summer is ending and my senior year is starting back, time goes faster and the workload increases greatly! The more that I have to do, the later I stay up to finish the work, and the later I stay up the less sleep it get. It's a terrible cycle.


I don't know why it is that people don't make time for rest. Physical and mental. Perhaps it's because we get so caught up in all the responsibilities that we feel we must perfectly fulfill. We focus on everything but rest, when rest is what we need  more to be our best. Rest you mind for a better outlook, rest your body for a better look. Tiredness is spreading like a disease. Side effects? Mainly rudeness and unattentiveness. The less sleep we get the worse off we are, and the further the downfall the more we affect those around us.


Sleep is like the nourishment of food and water, we can live without it for a small moment in time until we soon wither away. So do yourself a favor as I am doing for myself. Take a time machine back to pre-k and just take a nap, even if it's just for an hour. Go on a vacation, even if it's just a day off of work with friends. Take a long, hot bath. Do yoga, do something to relax. It's worth it. Get more sleep tonight so you'll be more prepared for tomorrow. And think of it this way, the better you that's presented, the more prepared you are, and the more prepared you are, the more you will get done. It's a reward that pays off. Get some rest.



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