The family that received 'a miracle on Christmas'

By Lisa Green Deane | Dec 16, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo Thomas and Nancy Green

In all of our lives we can look back and find that one certain day that we will never forget.  For my family, that day was Dec 21, 2011.  
Like most families that year, we were anxiously anticipating Christmas Day. We had no idea how that one night would change our lives forever.  
I had sent my kids to Nana and Papaw's so I could finish up the last minute shopping. At a little past 9 p.m., I called to check on everyone and say goodnight but my mom's voice on the other end was quivering as she said "Your dad is missing."
I remember the shock and then fear that gripped me as I listened to her explain that he had not come home from church that evening.  
Knowing that he was diabetic and could be in danger, I told her to call 911, and I would head that way.  The thoughts and what ifs tore through my mind as I prayed out loud to my Lord.  The one-hour drive to her house was cut short by another call.  
They had found him and now he was en route to Mission hospital.  I knew that meant it was bad.  
My prayers grew louder. We all arrived to find a chaplain waiting there telling us it did not look good.  Our first glimpse of him was almost more than we could bear.  He had suffered severe trauma to his head and most of his upper body.  His car had crashed into a restaurant and plunged into ice cold water.  His injuries were life threatening.  It would take nothing short of a miracle to save him but we believed in miracles.  
And so our journey began.  For the next few days we hung on every hope and yet his prognosis remained poor.  Feeding tubes, breathing machines and dialysis became a vital part of his world.  For days he remained unrecognizable and we could only see him four times a day.  
Our lives for the next few months stood still in the waiting room of the trauma ICU.  Then, little by little, we watched as our miracle took shape.  A blink became an open eye, a moving finger became a holding hand and slowly but surely he was coming back.  
The months of tiny victories were the most incredible times of our lives. Though nurses and even doctors gave us no hope, we believed in something much bigger.  
We knew that the same God that created our dad was now holding him in his weakest hour.  We knew that if God's plan was not complete for our dad that we would see our miracle.  So here we are, two years later, and today it all seems so surreal.
The details of our journey would fill a book and the amount of love and prayer we received was overwhelming but one thing remains, my sister, Lori, and I still have our Daddy.  He can breath and eat on his own, laugh with his grandkids, and kiss my mom.

And while his life still has its challenges, he is here and every time we hug him, we are reminded of the Christmas that God gave our family a miracle.