The Flash meets Frankenstein's monster

By Eric S. Brown | Jun 12, 2013

If you're not familiar with Justice League Dark, you should be. It's an excellent title from DC'S "New 52."

Justice League Dark is a secondary Justice League team, composed of magic users and monsters, who handle the supernatural threats that the more standard heroes like Batman and Superman can't. Their current roster includes the backward spell casting Zatanna, the con man mage John Constantine, Frankenstein's monster, the acrobatic ghost, Dead Man, and the immortal fortune teller, Madame Xanadu.

Much like the Doom Patrol, they are a team of misfits and freaks that no one takes seriously. The appeal of the team goes far beyond just them being outcasts however. The tension between its members and how they act as foils for one another are epic.

In the current story arc of the title, Doctor Destiny has stolen the House of Mystery, a house of supernatural origins that acts as the team's home base and mode of transportation. With both the House and a captured Swamp Thing added to his already considerable power, Doctor Destiny sets out to seek vengeance on his mother, Madame Xanadu, and burn the DC universe to the ground.

Despite their best efforts, Doctor Destiny proves too much for the team to handle on its own but by chance they gain the help of The Flash, who happens to intercept a League distress call from a transmitter implanted in Frankenstein's monster by Steve Trevor. The Flash swoops in and saves the team, one by one, reuniting them from the separate horrors and nightmares Doctor Destiny had trapped them with.

These events are riddled with fantastic Flash moments that really show off the Flash's personality and power level. For example, the Flash is able to not only disrupt Doctor Destiny's mystical constructs by vibrating them through them, essentially slaying the mad Doctor's monsters, while making a comment about how they are similar to Green Lantern's constructs.

Another great Flash moment occurs as the team is beginning its search for the missing House of Mystery. Madame Xanadu begins to cast a spell to find the house but the Flash simply streaks off into the city. By the time Dead Man can ask what the Flash is doing, the Flash has returned with the house's location pinpointed.

And there are some great humor moments as well such as the first meeting of John Constantine and the Flash. The Flash calls him "Don Constantine" by mistake while introducing himself and John snarls back, "I know who you are hotrod."

(For those who don't know, John Constantine is not a fan of costumed heroes, often referring to them as Long johns, and though impressed by the Flash's powers, those feelings are made very clear in this encounter.)

As thus, if you haven't tried the Justice League Dark series yet, issue 19-21 are a great jumping on point that not only introduces the team and its members well but aptly shows their place in the DCU at large through their interactions with the Flash.