The Jeweler's Workbench has new owners

By Jessica Swink | Mar 24, 2014
Photo by: Jessica Swink The Jeweler's Workbench has been in Waynesville for 6 years.

The Jeweler’s Workbench, which has offered unique jewelry and custom-made designs for the past six years, has changed hands.

Jeannie Tracey sold her business in downtown Waynesville to Jim and Colleen Davis early in February.

The Davises were long-time visitors of Waynesville, traveling to the area for the past 20 years from Myrtle Beach. They’re big fans of downtown Waynesville and its atmosphere, and when it was time to decide what they wanted to do with their retirement, there was no second-guessing.

The plan was to run their own business, and jewelry making has been a longtime hobby for Colleen. So when The Jeweler’s Workbench went up for sale, it seemed like fate.

“We knew it was a very successful business due to the previous owner, Jeannie Tracey, and it was a match made in heaven,” said Jim Davis.

They packed up and moved to Waynesville, taking the reigns of The Jeweler’s Workbench, with Tracey available for assistance. Tracey remained on-staff for the first three weeks of February, helping the couple learn how she had run the business as well as the finer tips and tricks of the trade. Even after her departure, she promised the couple that she would be no more than a phone call away.

The Davises plan to make few changes, other than continuing to look for new artists to feature in their gallery, which already showcases the work of more than a dozen local artists. Custom work and repairs are still available, with Stacy Downs at the lead.

“We have no intention of changing anything because the business was very successful and very well-run before,” said Davis. “The only changes we’ll make in the future is looking for new artists with unique work. The former owner did a fantastic job of running her business, and we were fortunate to find it.”

Individuals can come in with an idea in mind and the idea can be brought to life with a sketch by artist Pat Bauman. It’s not uncommon for customers to come in with unique wedding band designs or a wish for family heirlooms to be modified into a fresh, new piece of jewelry that retains sentimentality.

So far, the Davises have loved their new positions as owners of The Jeweler’s Workbench.

“It’s been very exciting,” said Davis. “We love to get up and go to work. We’re learning a lot about jewelry and running a small business. We love the area. We love the town. We love everything about our new venture.”
A new website is in progress, which will allow customers the option to purchase pieces online, and a new artist will be featured on the Facebook page of The Jeweler’s Workbench weekly so that customers can learn more about the artists whose work fills the glass. The new owners are glad to talk with anyone who might have an interest in showcasing their work.

The Jeweler’s Workbench is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.