The Newsroom season 2 episode 4

By Max Maier | Aug 05, 2013

Ok, this episode was a mixed bag for me. We see reasoning for why Maggie was nuts at the beginning of the season, and we see some more development from the Occupy Wall Street movement. There are some ups and downs to be had, but we still have enjoyment to be had.

The episode opens with Will interviewing the "head" of OWS that Neal has been talking to, on what they are about. As we all remember, OWS fell apart quite quickly, because of their lack of focus and drive. It was a large group of people with good intentions, but did not do anything about it. Well, in this episode, Will exploits that, in a major way. We know by now that Will is a pretty bold and opinionated guy, even to the point that he has made men cry (season 1.) Will decimates OWS and this girl on all fronts of their methods. To the point to the girl storms out and never wants to see Neal again.
I agree with everything Will said about OWS. Sure, he was a little harsh bringing the hammer down on this girl, but what he said was right. It just went to show how weak OWS was, no matter how noble their intentions.

Unfortunately, the girl has connections to someone who may lead Neal and Mac to their Genoa conspiracy story. This Genoa story is starting to drag and take up too much of the show, without really getting anywhere. It is a real shame, because the setup seems to really be something big, but it is dragging out far too much, that is not like this show. So there are several scenes of Neal trying to get additional news members to try and kiss the girl's ego, including Sloan and Don, the stars of this episode. They were hardly in it, but their humor is fantastic. I was laughing hard at Don's scene. Unfortunately, they all realize how ridiculous the girl is being, and cause more damage than good. Until Will's moment with her in the episode's climax. This was powerful and strong for Will, who always delivers. Jeff Daniels is fantastic.

We also finally see what went down to Maggie in Africa. It is a very sad and emotional sequence. Not from Maggie, but the atmosphere created in this area of Africa. It really showcases what everybody already knows: If you are not in Africa, don't go there. If you are in Africa, you have it tougher than most people in the world. It is not a happy place there, filled with violence and poverty, and we see it front and center. It is traumatic, but we are led to believe more is to come.

Also, we get a conclusion to Jim's run with the Romney campaign. What a let down of a story arc. He didn't change anything, and it is now over. No more Romney commentary, no more rising against the politicians. We get drama between Jim, the political consultant they followed, and the rival girl reporter. It all flops and amounts to squat, unless there are ramifications next week.

Overall, We got some powerful stuff in a particularly more saddening episode of The Newsroom. We saw Will take apart the OWS movement and Maggie's troubles in Africa. It was tough stuff, but great content-wise. It's a shame Jim's story fell so flat, or this could've been a trifecta knock-out. However, this isn't the best episode of this show, but it is still great.

Long live Will

I give the Newsroom season 2 episode 4 a startling 3 out of 5.

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