The Newsroom season 2 episode 6

By Max Maier | Aug 21, 2013

This week, Genoa has taken over as the main plot. Sure, there are little sub plots going on involving Jim's love life and Will's self-esteem, but this episode's focus was Genoa. Last week I said we needed Genoa to take steam if it were to be successful. So far though, it is not engaging enough to really lead a great show like this.


So, the crew at ACN is trying to crack this Genoa story. They need sources in order to even get this story off the ground. Well, they finally found a retired general from the Genoa incident. They sent a transfer reporter that came to ACN to specifically get the dirt on Genoa. The aftermath of this interview with the general has set up ACN for a lot of problems next week, like massive problems. Fortunately it is not a unanimous decision that brings the problem up, but they could all take the fall.

Jim has stayed in touch with his gal pal from the Romney campaign, and they are now a thing. Not quite a relationship, but friends with benefits it appears. Jim planned a romantic dinner with her, but then she asks Neal to double date with them so she could hook up her friend. Of course, Jim is not pleased, but does it anyway. Then after dinner, they go to a hotel to have a private night. But then, of course, guess who is in the hotel lobby drinking at the bar? MAGGIE!!!!! Of course she is!!!! It was so groan inducing and ridiculous. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Fortunately, the situation doesn't end as badly as you would think, but it isn't a happy ending.

Then there is Will, poor Will, again. Not only is Will not featured as much in these past couple of episodes because of Genoa, but he is very negative on himself lately. therefore he hasn't been as witty and comical as we are used to. Will was the standout of this show, and they are downplaying him. I think it is a very bad move on their part, but just wait till Will discovers Genoa, I hope it gets interesting then. Will will probably flip over the situation.

Other than that, nothing really happened. Genoa and the interview with the general took up the major chunk of this episode. Fortunately, it moved the plot forward and it was interesting, but at the same time, it is not too interesting at this point.


Overall, The Newsroom is declining. This Genoa story is taking up the majority of the show, and I feel like it is bringing the show down. It is not as engaging a story as this show needs, and it feels like a big tamper on everything. The characters are still strong, which always consistent with this show, but at the same time, they are not given a strong enough script to function properly. It's still a great show, but just not as strong right now.


Overall, I give The Newsroom season 2 episode 6 a diminishing 2.5 out of 5.