The Newsroom season 2 episode 7

By Max Maier | Aug 26, 2013

Well folks, The Newsroom answered my request from last week. I said that the Genoa story needed to ramp up to be compelling. Holy cow did it ramp up!!! Not only has ACN go on the air with the story, but we are seeing the backlash. This will not be pretty.


Jerry, the jerk from the past couple of episodes, has edited the General's testimony. The General said that "If we used Sarin..", where Jerry edited the original footage so he says "We used Sarin." That is a BIG no no in Journalism, as any editor at The Mountaineer will tell you. It makes a story lose credibility, and the news source lose trust amongst its viewers, if people don't trust the newscasters, then they don't read the stories. It destroys any form of news media. Jerry has set up ACN for this fall, because of his "passion" for the story. This character is just as infuriating as Junior in Under the Dome. He is obviously dedicated to getting this Genoa story to the public, but his reasons are vaguely weak, so he just looks like a scumbag. His actions towards the end of the episode answer a big question about what's been going on this season, and he is practically the villain now. He is a horrible person in this show, and the mere sight of him now is infuriating.

Also, another witness that Sloan interviewed had a shocking revelation towards the 2nd half that throws the story into trouble, and it is so well delivered for a "wait..did he just....oooooooooh man!" It was great, especially Mac and Don's reactions, because they were priceless. Mac wins this week for reactions, because she saw this problem as it hit, and she discovered Jerry tampering with the videos. She breaks the news to everyone, it is a heavy moment that delivers the somberness of what the crew of ACN has gotten themselves into.

Will also knows the whole story now. Near the beginning this week, the whole cast was informed on Genoa. Will was surprisingly quiet for the whole thing, and his stand is very ominous. He didn't take a stand, yet he gave his opinion. Then he is surprisingly calm throughout the whole episode and he knows how deep in trouble they are, but he is keeping the level head. Will is showing how much of a rock he can be for ACN, when he isn't doubting himself, which was practically cut this week.

I am also thankful for the fact that the Jim and Maggie storyline was put on hold this week. Genoa was the focus, and this waste of time was kicked to the curb for now. Also, now that we know how the lawyer scenes in the present time are connected to this Genoa story, we get more of that this week. More members of Can are speaking with the lawyer, and we now know the lawsuit they face. It's kind of a let down considering the build up Genoa had, but it makes sense.

However, the best part of this week, was the completely out of left field, mother of all plot twists. I dare not spoil it here, but it involves Charlie and his anonymous source that has been lingering in the background. It's huge, it's shocking, it's awesome. That's all I can say.


Overall, this is what we needed for the Genoa story to really work. We have the tension finally ramped up, the characters are in peril, and the drama is intense. The cast is in top form and we have an engaging challenge for them to overcome. Now we have to witness the fallout at ACN from Genoa.


I give The Newsroom season 2 episode 7 a jaw-dropping 4 out of 5