The Newsroom Season 2 season finale

By Max Maier | Sep 19, 2013

Folks, this was it. This was the nail in the coffin. Was this the worst episode ever? No. Was this the worst season finale ever? Not even close. The problem is, this show has been on a rapid decline the entire season, in order to redeem itself, it needed to pull itself out of its rut so it could be a great show again. It didn't happen.

We rejoin the ACN group as the presidential election night continues. You will notice the main problem of the episode quite quickly: almost the entire episode is people whining and complaining. I've said this a lot in the past couple of reviews, but last season's focus on the news and real-world material was one of the aspects of the show. This finale, we have the presidential election between Obama and Romney, and nothing is done about it. No political commentary, no jokes, nothing. It is glanced over for Will and Mac, and Jim and his 3 women.


That's the problem I'll address first, Jim and his women. 3 different sublots, 3 different women, 3 reasons not to care about these problems. Maggie's old roommate comes back this episode, and Jim tries to talk to her about Maggie. Next, Jim has several discussions with his girlfriend (?) from the Romney campaign and their romance subplot goes nowhere. Lastly, the infamous, royal pain in the butt Maggie herself. She is just as insufferable as ever. I won't rant here too much because I've spent a lot of time doing that already. She is whiny, she is annoying, she is frustrating, she is insufferable and I wish she were gone from the show. She gives a unmotivated reasoning to her hair, that was a very weak character moment. Basically, Jim and his 3 women did not progress the story very well, it felt like just a bunch of filler.

Now for the best part of the episode, Don and Sloan. It is sad because their best moments didn't last long, but, it was awesome. Don had a couple of deeply serious moments that had great impact, and brought a lot of truth about our world today. Then, Sloan and Don't moment towards the end of the episode was priceless. I loved it. I wish the show featured these 2 more.

But no, Will and Mac got the spotlight, and long story short, their moaning and groaning finally ended at the end of the episode. Sure, we got a lot of complaining throughout the episode, but it is finally over, and I am thankful. The resolution is sweet, but it stinks we had to endure so much crap to get to this point. But you know what? Good for them that they are finally happy.

Then, everybody was happy. All the sadness and depression the past couple of episodes just turned right around. For no reason whatsoever. It just happens. It feels rushed and out of the blue, just so the show can end on a happy note. Hey, I'm all for a happy ending, but it is better when it makes sense.

So, this is it. Season 2 of the Newsroom was officially bad. It kills me to say that, but it was bad. This season focused less on what worked last season, and presented more needless character drama and just overall bad subplots. And the whole lawsuit that has surrounded this entire season, we got nowhere with it. We don't know how the case goes, how anything happens. It flopped, just like this season. I don't know if Newsroom is coming back for a 3rd season, but it may not want. We may want to put this show out to pasture before it gets worse.

I give The Newsroom season 2 finale a flopped 1.5 out of 5.