The Pitfalls of Eating IN

By Caroline Klapper | Feb 25, 2013
Photo by: File photo My kitchen looks like this. Seriously.

Last week, I talked about the pitfalls of eating out, and I challenged myself to try cooking and eating at home for a change.

I did pretty well, too. I only ate one meal out on Friday night — a Subway sandwich — and I’ve been cooking up a storm. Meals ranged from the quick and easy hamburger helper-type to the more complex Greek turkey burgers I made for dinner one night.

It wasn’t that hard to get into a routine either. I planned out meals ahead of time, shopped for what I needed on Sunday, and was able to have a pretty good meal on the table every night.

Yay me, right? Well, sort of.

What I didn’t count on was the dishes.

Right at this moment, my sink is full of dirty dishes — pots and pans, plates and cups and down on the very bottom, the forks and spoons. It’s a kitchen catastrophe.

I got behind on my dishwashing, and it was all downhill from there.

Every night I came home to cook, which I mostly enjoyed, but after doing the whole hot stove slaving away thing, I couldn’t bring myself to do much in the way of dishwashing. I found myself washing just enough to get by for the evening, but you know, that’ll only get you through to the next meal.

So there they sit. Waiting. Staring at me with their accusatory sauce stains and dried on food residue.

I’m starting to think there is nothing that makes your house seem less clean than a sink full of dirty dishes.

Tonight I’m going out to eat, and I’m going to use the “extra” time I have from not cooking to clean. If I can just catch up….

Who am I kidding? My house will always be a little bit messy, a little on the dirtier side of clean and never quite in order, but really, nothing is meant to be perfect.