The story of Starbuck has happy ending

Jan 30, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo The story of Starbuck has a happy ending with his recovery from a severe eye infection and adoption by Sharon Boucher.

In 2008, STAR Ranch received a veterinarian referral to help an owner with a horse that had a severe eye infection.  The owner allowed this beautiful Tennessee Walker to become a STAR horse.  Starbuck was determined to be a candidate for the University of Tennessee.

STAR Ranch campaigned for him through the “Bucks for Starbuck” campaign.  And, once again, the horse lovers of Haywood County donated enough for him to receive the care he needed.  Starbuck went through a long process of receiving eye drops delivered through a small tube inserted in his eyelid.  The long, thin tube was tied in his mane where the medicine was delivered, rather than trying to put drops directly into his eye.  With an eye this sore, that system would have failed.  Fortunately, his left eye stayed clear, which is the side from which horse owners approach. Starbuck soon adjusted to being a ‘one eyed’ horse and frolicked in the pasture with his mates.

After four years, he has found his owner, Sharon Boucher, who sponsored Starbuck for several months.  Boucher decided she was in love, and he was hers.

Starbuck is being boarded at Hyder Mountain Horse Farm, where Boucher intends to have Starbuck back under saddle when he is ready, living the life he so richly deserves.

“Some horses are tough to let go”, said Karen Owens, president of STAR Ranch. “We worked so intently with him for so long, and then enjoyed him for four years. It is a happy/sad day.  But, he is exactly why STAR Ranch is here.”

To learn about sponsoring or adopting a STAR horse, visit or call 400-4940.


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