The team behind the teams

By Chuck Fiebernitz | Jun 10, 2012

A total of 14 people attended the meeting on June 5 to determine the interest in starting up the athletic booster club at Tuscola High.
“I was very happy with the number of people who came to the meeting,” said Mark McCracken. “We need an active club with the sole purpose of supporting our athletic programs. Basically, we need a strong and active team that will get behind the athletic teams at Tuscola High School.”
According to Tuscola Athletic Director Mike Sutton, a special meeting has been set for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26, for the election of booster club officers.  
But in order to evolve into a major force, the “new and improved” Tuscola Booster Club will need more than 14 “active” people.
As for the reason or reasons why the club disbanded more than a year ago, it doesn’t matter anymore.
I think for the good of all the athletic programs, and the young men and women who play the sports, it is time for all of Tuscola’s fans, alumni and parents to bury the hachet.
It’s a perfect time to come to together and work together for the good of the kids. It’s time to make peace.
Remember a few years ago an individual embezzled a large sum of money from the Pisgah Booster Club.
Everyone in the community was very angry. But instead of folding their tents and disbanding the organization, the Pisgah fans circled the wagons, put in much-needed checks and balances and moved  forward.
The Pisgah Athletic Booster Club refused to let the setback stop them from being the “team behind the teams” and an integral part of the athletic programs.
It was a shining moment for Pisgah.
Now all of Haywood County looks to the parents and community who support Tuscola athletics, hoping the club will rise again.
More importantly, the young Mountaineers at Tuscola are banking on your “active” participation.