The Walking Dead Season 4 episode 10

By Max Maier | Feb 20, 2014

Wow. Just, wow. Talk about getting a pleasant surprise. After an episode that took it kind of slow and safe, we get an episode that pushes the pedal to the metal and catches us up with the remaining survivors, and introduces new things to shake things up.

As always with my Walking Dead reviews, THAR BE SPOILERS AHEAD

We start the episode off with Beth and Daryl. Beth's narration of her writing in her journal the first day they get to the prison, over the 2's current situation is heavy hearted. To hear how hopefully Beth was, to only be watching what happened, was a pretty powerful bit. After the narration, Beth and Daryl wander around, have an awkward and harsh exchange about Hershel, and wind up on a set of train tracks, after seeing a group of dead corpses, and carry on.
Next we see Tyreese with Lizzie (the psychopath little girl), and her sister Micah. The other 2 little kids have been given the unceremonious off-screen axe. But then, Tyreese turns around and JUDITH IS WITH THEM! Oh it was such a wonderful moment to see her again. Then, they hear a woman scream, Tyreese (stupidly) leaves the girls alone in a spot, telling them to stay put, unless they see a walker, then they are to run to him. More on that later. Tyreese comes across a set of train tracks (yes, the one from earlier), but instead, he finds a group of survivors fighting walkers. Tyreese tries to help them fight, while the little girls try to survive. Judith starts crying, but Lizzie ACTUALLY STARTS TO SMOTHER JUDITH and we see the sick satisfaction in her eyes. Fortunately they are disrupted by walkers. While Tyreese fights walkers and loses the survivors, setting up the bodies that Daryl and Beth find later, he hears the girls scream. Then as he turns around, he sees a familiar face with the girls. I won't spoil it here, but using the element of deduction, you can probably guess who it is. Once they get their wits about him, they walk down the tracks and see a sign for a supposed settlement. What could this mean for them?

Meanwhile, Maggie, Sasha and Bob are relaxing by a stream, and patching up Bob from his gun wound in the prison war. Maggie declares that he is going to find Glenn, she knows he is alive and she will find him. Honestly if you edit in Zod's line of "I WILL FIND HIM" from Man of Steel, you have her dialogue this episode. So they start walking down the road and what do you know, they find the bus relatively quickly. But, there is nothing but walkers inside it, and none of them Glenn. So that went nowhere. Where is Glenn?

Well, it turns out, he is still at the prison! Yes! Glenn stayed behind to find Maggie and passed out during the fight. He awakens to see walkers down below wanting him, and he clearly finds out everybody left. So he stocks up on weapons and supplies and attempts to leave. As he is on the way out, he finds...Lily's sister...sigh. They go through a whole "Oh, what we did was wrong to attack you all." "It's ok we need to stick together" shtick, and they leave the prison together. Glenn tells her that together they have to find Maggie, and that is all. Sound familiar? then, before they head off, a truck pulls up, and 3 new faces walk out and assert themselves, roll credits.


The best part of this episode was the pacing and surprises. So much went on in this episode compared to previous episodes this season. Last week we only caught up with 3 people. This week, we caught up with the other survivors, reintroduced a previous character and introduced 3 new ones, while setting up the next storyline. It was a fast paced episode that had equal amounts drama, zombie fear and slaying and story progression. It was also a cool touch how these events were kind of backwards, with the train tracks scenario. It was a welcome change up of pace, and I'd love to see it continue.

The plot twists were incredible. The character that Tyreese finds is a great mind blown moment, one we were expecting, but not at this moment, and that's why it was a great twist. Also, Judith is alive! For months we were unsure of her fate, and now we know. Thankfully Little Asskicker is alive. Unfortuntely, Lizzie is. Also, the character reveals at the end will be recognized by fans of the comic books, including myself, and the appearance of these 3 is the sign that the next story arc is coming up, so we have that to look forward to.

Now, for the bad, which is incredibly low this week, and it all really revolves around the Tyreese/Lizzie scene, mostly. Why does Tyreese leave the girls behind? That is INCREDIBLY stupid of him and makes no bloody sense. It was a really dumb moment. Also, is Maggie snapping? Is that what this is? Because her craziness came off a little awkward, but paint me curious about it.

And then, the Lizzie/ Judith scene...we know Lizzie is practically a sociopath at this point and is crazy, but this Judith smothering is a new low. You can be a jerk, kill bunnies, do whatever, but, when you smother a baby, you cross a line. Babies are so innocent and sweet, and what Lizzie did brought her to Andrea levels of hatred for me. I get trying to keep Judith quiet, but what Lizzie does is dark, unsettling and downright anger-inducing to watch. I hope the worst happens to this girl. I hope it's carl who does it, that would be awesome.

Overall, this is one of the best episodes of the Walking Dead. The pacing was great, yet there was the perfect balance of drama, character reflection, action and story progression. If only every episode had the pacing this one did. Hopefully this next story arc keeps this flow going, I know I am very excited to see how it is handled.

I give The Walking Dead Season 4 episode 10, 4 crazy Maggie faces out of 5