The Walking Dead season 4 episode 11

By Max Maier | Feb 24, 2014

After such a well paced and eventful episode last week, we get a slower paced episode showing what Rick, Carl and Michonne are up to. Meanwhile, Abraham makes his motives clear to Glenn and Tara. While we get the revelation of what Abraham is up to, we get no real revelations from this episode.

Ok, Michonne and Carl leave Rick behind to get supplies from nearby areas. Michonne opens up to Carl, revealing information about her now-deceased son. They find dead bodies in the house, but these scenes were more just character bonding moments, for 2 characters that we've already see have tons of bonding. So, while it is genuine and pleasant to watch, when Carl isn't being a teenage jerk (which can't be helped), it is nice to see, even if the story stays at a standstill.
While that goes on, Rick wakes up to hear that several strangers have found their house, but did not discover Rick at all, or notice the barricade they put against the front door. Rick has to sneak out of the house and not get caught, before Michonne and Carl return.
Meanwhile, Abraham tells Glenn and Tara that the man with them, Eugene, is a scientist, who can solve the walker problem because he knows what caused the problem. He says all will be revealed once he gets to Washington D.C., which is Abraham's goal. He tells Glenn and Tara everyone needs to stick together and get Eugene to D.C., basically saying Glenn and Tara have to go with them. Glenn doesn't care because he has to find his Maggie. When Abraham insists, Glenn takes a swing at him, and Abraham lays the smackdown hard upon Glenn's whiny butt. Unfortunately, zombies attack and they lose their vehicle. So Abraham's crew follows Glenn, because...just because.

First up, friggin' Glenn. Just like with Maggie last week, we get it, you want to find your spouse, we get that, it's commendable. But it's very frustrating to watch when they throw all caution to the wind and act like an idiot in the process. You risk so much to go through this, and yes, it is your spouse, and you want nothing more than to find them, but play it carefully. I understand Glenn doesn't want to go to D.C. without Maggie, but talk to Abraham about finding her so there are more people to help. Do something other than just storm off like a friggin' wimp.

Also, the men in the house with Rick, we never find out who they are, how they got there, what they are doing, or really anything about them at all. The scenes of Rick hiding were intense, but the fact that we never get any revelation about these men other than "avoid them", it lessens the tension and the overall impact of the suspense. However, these were tense scenes I enjoyed seeing, and Andrew Lincoln really sold these scenes. I won't spoil the outcome, but I will state that it's a flop. That's all I'll say. Also, how did the men not notice the front door barricaded and the grown man sleeping on the couch? We don't know how long Rick was asleep and it's a pretty big convenience they didn't find him.
We are formally introduced to Abraham, Rosita and Eugene this episode, and they play it almost faithfully to the books. Rosita is the scantily-clad girlfriend to Abraham. Not that much to her character in the book either, so they are getting that right. Eugene was a scientist in the book, but a bit more human. In the show, they are playing him off a bit more like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, just not as obnoxious. Believe it or not, I'm getting a kick out of it so far, I look forward to more of it.
And then there's Abraham, my favorite character from the comic book. I loved in the book how much of a badass and tough guy he was. He didn't take anybody's crap and he was just awesome. In the show, he is awesome, but nowhere near as tough. He seems more caring now, which, I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed in. Like I said, the actor is doing a great job, it's just the version of Abraham they are using is a lot softer than the original book version I love. It'll be interesting to see how else he changes.

Overall, not much happened this week, but we got a little bit of development as far as a motive fro our new characters. Sounds like the plot is playing close to the comic book, so I am anticipating the next episode. The cast delivers strong performances as always, I just wish more went on this week, like last week's stellar episode. But for what we got, it was ok. Here's hoping next week picks up again.

I give The Walking Dead season 4 episode 11, 3 cans of crazy cheese out of 5