The Walking Dead season 4 episode 12 review

By Max Maier | Mar 09, 2014

Sorry for the wait on this review folks! Been a busy week, but in preparation for the next episode, it's time to discuss what happened in the most recent episode, or rather, lack of what happened. This week was an all Daryl and Beth episode. We see them attempt bonding and dive a little into their pasts and the conflicts it brings. Was it entertaining?

We join Daryl and Beth as they hide in a trunk to escape a pack of walkers. Thank goodness the trunk didn't close and lock on them. The rest of the episode is filled with exciting events, like Beth picking out a new shirt, Daryl learning how to play Truth or Dare (which acts as a way to force facts about the 2 that we learned) and Daryl getting drunk and shooting arrows. This was a character building episode. And granted, for people who have just watched this show and didn't play the Walking Dead video game about Daryl's origin, you learn a ton about Daryl's past. And the show is filled with character building moments, as does any good show, but this episode was just ALL bonding between these 2 characters, so nothing really happened.

And along the way, a few pointers. A white shirt Beth? Really? White? Then, when it gets dirty, in the same building, she does not get another shirt. This took up a chunk of time, and it was just a big face palm. Second, Beth is annoying. Not like, Andrea or Lori annoying, but for an episode that relies on just 2 characters bonding, Beth could not keep up her end. Also, drunk Daryl is a jerk to watch. Yes, that is the point, but it is still kind of annoying. Lastly, what they do at the end of the episode is illogical, unnecessary and incredibly stupid. Just saying, they could've waited till morning, but whatever, it was "freeing". I call it dumb.

Now the highlight of the episode is Norman Reedus' performance. He had a lot to do this week outside of "badass with a bow", so he gets credit for a great outing. He is always a good actor, so it is not shocking, but this week he was the diamond in the rough. Plus, as I mentioned, we do learn more about his past. He had a rough living, and took a lot more crap than I'm sure plenty of us had to deal with, and that is sad. It's also good that people who didn't play his video game get to learn more about him now, because he is a big reason people love this show, and he is one of my favorite things about the show. I just wish an episode that focused about him (and Beth), was better.

Unfortunately, that's all I can really say about this episode. Nothing remarkable or exciting happened. It was just Beth and Darryl talking and arguing. After so many things happening in this show lately, this felt like a big plot speedbump. Hopefully the episode coming on in a few minutes gives us more than this dull episode.


I give The Walking Dead season 4 episode 12, 2 drunken tirades our of 5

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