The Walking Dead season 4 episode 13 review

By Max Maier | Mar 18, 2014

I know this review is over a week late, but my laptop has a virus and I'm working on getting it fixed, so I'm limited in when I can type these out. But I will get these reviews out as soon as I can.

Now, after last week's failed bonding episode, we get another bonding episode! However, this week, we see Daryl and Beth after last week. We also see what Maggie, Bob and Sasha are doing during our stall period this season. Will actual events happen this week?


We open this week with a flashback to Bob when he is found by Daryl and Glenn for the first time during the prison arc, and we see how he is recruited. It's a nice little dive into Bob's origin, and while we don't see his previous life, we get an explanation from him about what he has been doing during the breakout.

After the flop of last week, Daryl and Beth fair better in this episode. The 2 find a house by a graveyard after some reflection in the graveyard, and take shelter. They talk a bit more, which oddly enough works a little better this week because it's not as forced or heavy. But, when Daryl checks the door when he hears something, a walker pack barges into the house. Daryl tells Beth to run while Daryl pulls off another awesome Daryl slaying sequence. After Daryl escapes, Beth is gone, I won't spoil what happens to her, but it is very interesting and will lead to an interesting plot point. The episode ends on a familiar group of men finding Daryl and taking him in by force. This, will be even more interesting.

Meanwhile, Maggie is just as determined as ever to find Glenn. And she does not want to rest and stop like Bob and Sasha do, so she leaves ahead of them to FIND HIM! (carrying that joke from the previous review). Bob of course wants to keep the group together, but Sasha basically wants to give up on this Terminus thing and stay behind in a building and survive. Bob doesn't want anyone to give up, but he pushes on to go find Maggie. Along the way, Maggie has been killing zombies, gutting them and using their blood to wrote signs to Glenn about Terminus.........(cue psycho music). In a stroke of facepalm, The building that Sasha picks just so happens to be where Maggie is. But the 2 ladies reunite, and eventually find Bob on the train tracks, and carry onward.


This episode was an improvement over last week, because while we had character development, there was also a decent amount of action, and things happened that will actually push the story along in an interesting manner. Daryl and Beth were written better this week, and unfortunately, maybe it's because they didn't take up the whole episode, I don't know, but their whole vibe was just an improvement. Also, this week had some great action sequences. Daryl having to fend off a horde of walkers in a claustrophobic house was intense, and Maggie fended off walkers with a street sign ripped from the ground. Now that is awesome.

On the flip side, Sasha was very flip-floppy this week with her wants. She wanted to give up very easily and out of nowhere, then completely fine continuing on. Maybe another re-write of it or fleshing it out more might've made more sense. And while things happened this week, there are only 3 episodes left this season, and everyone is just wandering along with just minor build up. Either we are going to get another lukewarm finale that leaves a lot hanging on the line, or these last episodes are going to pick up. Obviously I hope it is the latter.

And my Maggie going wild theory is becoming more likely. I like how no one brought up the blood signs. Nobody thought that was worth mentioning?

Overall, this week was an improvement from last week, for giving us developments that can change the fate of some of our characters. It was better acted this week, and the story moved on a bit. I think at this point I'm just craving for this story to move along, any sign of that is welcome.

I give The Walking Dead season 4 episode 13, 3.5 signs out of 5


I miss Rick Grimes....

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