The Walking Dead season 4 episode 14

By Max Maier | Mar 18, 2014

Wow. Just, wow. This was a tough episode to swallow. There is loss this week, and it strikes chords that aren't often struck on television. But with that loss, we also get a win.

This week revolves around the group of Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mica and Judith. There is a lot of unresolved conflict between this group, and it all comes to a front here. As far as travel wise, the group travels along and finds a house to stay at. Drama wise? Holy cow.

As they travel along, they see smoke in the air. They assume there are people there. This could be anything, most likely it could be the house Daryl and Beth burned down, because this season has made an effort to show us that they are mixing what time all of these events take place along these train tracks. From the smoke emerge, the new smoking walkers! These were awesome. After they escape and find the new location, that's when everything can come to a front. As we all know, Lizzie is a sociopath who isn't afraid to kill the living, yet she adores these walkers and wants to take care of them. There's even a scene where she says the walkers are telling her to change and become like one of them. Mica on the other hand, is the most innocent and sweet person this show has ever seen. Mica doesn't want to harm anything, but she will protect her loved ones. Mica didn't get a lot of development till this week, and it was welcome. Carol wants to toughen up Mica like Lizzie, but Carol also sees what's wrong with Lizzie. The frustrating part however, is that we get several scenes with Carol trying to change Mica, when Lizzie is the one that needed these talks. That comes back to bite carol in the aft end by the end of the episode.

Carol also has her own demons to worry about. She still murdered the woman Tyreese loved, and Tyreese doesn't know yet. Let's just say, he finds out. Tyreese's reaction is very adult of him, but after what he did to Rick last earlier in the show, it seems kind of a let down. But, it wasn't that bad, We didn't need more conflict, and it shows how much Tyreese has grown. I liked the Carol and Tyreese dynamic this week a lot. They have a solid bond, but don't have to go down the romantic route. And it shows that The Walking Dead can focus an episode on 1 group in this back half, and it work. They were well written, and there was a ton of drama.

Speaking of which, there is a very, very sad sequence in this episode. It involves loss that I dare not spoil here, but it is big. And it comes so far out of left field, it will take you by surprise, as will the aftermath. Like I said, I can't really go into it, but it is one of the toughest moments this show has ever aired. It will not be easy to swallow for everyone.


Overall, this has been one of the best episodes of season 4. It gave us walker action sequences, great character moments with believable delivery, and intense drama that changes this show. My only nitpick this week, while a big nitpick, it carries over from the rest of this season: let's move it along people. Let's let this show pick up the pace. But, this episode was great, if we wrap up the season at this quality or better, I'll be satisfied.

I give The Walking Dead season 4 episode 14, 4 burnt walkers out of 5


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