The Walking Dead season 4 episode 2 review

By Max Maier | Oct 20, 2013

Alright, when you watch a show, and for half of it you are more frustrated at the stupid decisions made by the characters, than enjoying the content, there is something up. Yes, there was plenty to like about the episode, but there are some issues.

At the end of the last episode, one of the survivors died of a sickness and came back as a zombie. At the start of this episode, the zombie gets into one of the cell blocks with minor characters and starts a killing spree. Rick and friends clear out the block of zombies. Meanwhile, Carl gets a gun again to save Michonne from zombies, but Michonne hurts her ankle. Our heroes start to figure out what is causing these zombies to appear, and it can't be solved with a gun. Plus, one of the fences is caving in because of the massive amount of zombies gathering there. How will everyone get out of this one?!

Alright, let's bring up the elephant in the room. WHY AREN'T PEOPLE CONSTANTLY KILLING ZOMBIES AT THE FENCE?! Yes, people need sleep. Yes, somebody is feeding the zombies to attract more (who could that be?), and yes it is a lot of area to cover. BUT, their #1 priority should be to keep alive from the zombies. Why wouldn't you rotate the survivors at the fence to keep picking off the zombies that gather at the fence?! Because guess what? If too many show up, they will break the fence. GUYS. DUH. This is probably one of the biggest and most blatant stupid moves the show has made. I understand we aren't in their shoes and are not dealing with what they are dealing with. But for the love of the undead are you telling me that not one of them thought of having constant surveillance of the fence and killing the zombies?! I refuse to believe that and it is stupid.

That giant flaw aside, there were a few other moments that were stupid and just wrong. Carol has been built up as a great character. She is strong, smart and independent, yet she is caring. She has been great. That streak has ended. A new survivor who meet for the first time, Patrick, has been bitten and is dying. What does Carol do? Keep him alive and suffering, bring his 2 daughters to him so they see him suffer, allow the daughters the chance to kill him, then continually shoves down their throat that their father is dead and gone and what they should do to grieve him. Carol, take a friggin' chill pill! Yes, she lost Sophia, but we have seen her grow since then. I understand 2 little girls coming into her life might change her a bit, but she is almost a different character now. It was ridiculous.
Speaking of ridiculous: these 2 little girls. One has asthma and admires a zombie she named Nick and misses him more than her father. ....WHAT? Even her sister says she is messed up. What does Carol do? Tell her to mourn her dead father more and yes, she does say not to like zombies. That zombies should die. The daughter doesn't say much. I think someone THAT twisted should get a little more attention than that.

Also Carol, when asked if Patrick was ok when you last saw him, you say no, because he was CLEARLY sick. That was another big slip up in writing.

Then, the pigs. That scene, which I will not go into detail, was hard to watch. I felt more upset in this scene than most of this show altogether (except Merle's death). This scene was tough to watch, but it may just be me on this. Although I'm sure it'll be tough for others. this isn't a major complaint, but it upset me.


Lastly on the negative side. Carl got his gun back, but that's a good thing. The bad thing was that it got taken in the first place!!!!! and Why? Because Carl was smart and killed a Governor teenage goon last season because he refused to stand down and Hershel saw the whole thing. Hershel thought Carl was wrong and violent, Rick listened to Hershel. I'm not a Carl fan by any stretch, but he did the right thing!!! And we had to make a subplot about Carl getting his gun back that he lost from stupid circumstances? Waste of time.

Ok, now the good stuff, because there was good stuff. The Prison attack was intense. There were causalities, of people we neither knew nor cared about, but it was still intense. And it brings this show back to what it originally was: humans surviving the zombie apocalypse, which is something I think the show needs more of.
Rick had a pretty big moment at the end of the episode. He hasn't had his gun on him since Andrea, because he..became a pacifist or some crap, I don't know. But that has passed. He has rid himself of his old sheriff shirt, and he has his gun back. By the way, I want Rick's gun, or should I say handcannon, because that thing is awesome. So, Rick should be back to his full kick butt self next week, which I can't wait to see.
Michonne wins this week for best character, because she hardly saw any action, yet her moments were the most impactful. Judith crying effected her oddly, as if painfully, I hope she isn't sick. However, when Michonne had to hold Judith, better open a box of tissues. It is something I never thought of, and it'll hit you hard, in what is possibly one of the most successfully dramatic moments for the show. This moment is worth the episode by itself.

That and Judith playing with cups. I would watch that on a loop. It was the cutest darn thing.
Lastly, there is a sickness spreading throughout the land, and it can't be cured yet. It is explained as the blood inside you, filling up your body until it kills you and flows out your face. Friggin' disgusting. But, that is a very interesting threat for our gang to deal with. Hospitals are down and modern medicine is not up to snuff due to the apocalypse. They are left with a vet (Hershel), the army doctor, and new character who is some kind of doctor, and whatever medicine they have in the prison. Plus, anybody could be infected and get sick. How do they separate people? How do you tell if people are immune, or if they will catch it? It will be quite interesting to see how far the show goes with this. Although, Rick said that anybody who was in the zombie attack earlier shouldn't go near those who weren't. He says this as he hugs Carl, who runs over and touches Michonne, and Michonne later holds Judith. So, that point is moot. Again bad writing there.

Overall, this wasn't a bad episode, but it was pretty sloppy regarding the points I brought up. The mysteries involving this disease, the identity of the zombie feeder, and a new mystery brought up at the end of the episode, are all intriguing. There were just several glaring problems that bogged down the drama. At least the zombies are the main threat again and are actually a problem. Not, "We gotta kill the Governor, oh and get those zombies over there, no big deal." The show is on a good track, but the script may need a look over for flaws like that, whether it be character logic or just common sense (FENCE). The season is still going strong, I just hope it is more fine tuned next week.

I give The Walking Dead Season 4 episode 2 a sickly 2.5 out of 5