The Walking Dead season 4 episode 4 review

By Max Maier | Nov 03, 2013

WOW! This episode went from 0 to 60 in the last 5 minutes. The episode looked like it was going to be like last week, just a lot of talking about the situations in front of them with a bit of character development, but no. This episode is setting up.... dare I say it.... stuff and things.

We start the episode off with Rick and Carol going off by themselves in search of medicine in a nearby neighborhood. When they get there, they find 2 survivors who have had it a little rough and offer them a chance to live with them. Rick told them to stay put, but Carol told them they should help look for supplies, with which these 2 agree. Along this search, Carol and Rick talk about what Carol has done, their past lives and Lori's pancakes. There was a lot of talking between these 2, but it didn't overstay its welcome. Meanwhile, Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob the army doctor find their location (luckily) and start gathering medicine. Bob and Daryl have a moment, in which Bob reveals to Daryl he was the lone survivor of 2 other groups and that he is an alcoholic, for when "things get quiet." His alcoholism comes to a boiling point between him and Daryl, when their lives were at risk. Tensions are high this week, and things are not going to be the same.

Bob, I think it's safe to say, is sticking around for a while. I think he is a troubled character, struggling with his alcoholism but not wanting anyone to get hurt. He obviously blames himself for Zack's death in the season premiere, and it is bugging him. Thankfully, good old Daryl just said "that's bull****", which in Daryl language means "don't blame yourself, they were coming anyway." Good old Daryl. But, when Bob takes alcohol from the school as apposed to more medicine, Daryl gets royally mad. Then, when Daryl threatens to throw the booze, Bob shows he would draw his gun on him. Daryl... did not take it well. Daryl has threatened to beat Bob's butt after they get back. So he has that going for him.
Also, Tyreese and Michonne talk about their anger and how to handle it. We also learn that the reason Michonne keeps leaving the prison is: she is looking for The Governor. Who I hope comes back this season. Their little talk was a good moment, but Tyreese needs to get a grip.

Before they leave the prison, Carol talks to the sick girl in the quarantined ward. This conversation was baffling. What the heck happened to Carol? If this happened right after Sophia died, it would make a little more sense. But we had an entire season inbetween, and in that season, Carol grew into an awesome character. Heck, in this season 4 premiere she was awesome. It's like in episode 2, a switch was flipped and her character pulled a 180 once the 2 little girls came under her responsibility. The talk Carol has with her would be unsettling for an adult, but with a kid? It's downright insane. I get it, Carol is cold, and the little girl can't be afraid to kill zombies. But she is still a little girl! With mental issues! Greater care should be applied here! This whole sequence was just bizarre and not enjoyable.

Then the adventures of Rick and Carol. This show has shined in the past when a small group of people go off on their own, because it's usually in these episodes that big character moments happen. Well, this episode had a couple. As I mentioned, Carol makes the call that the 2 new survivors (one with a bad shoulder, the other with a limped leg) should go off on their owns and search for supplies, while Rick and Carol stick together. Carol? What. the actual. hell? I won't go into this again, but she should know better. Then Rick, SO skeptical of them joining, gives them each a gun and his nice watch. *facepalm

Well, let's just say, it doesn't work out for these 2. Such a shame, they could've been fun characters.

Then, the talks. Rick and Carol reminisce of their pasts. Carol and her abusive husband and how foolish she was, and Rick missing Lori and her sunday pancake tradition. The whole talk was cute, but a little dragged.

Then the big point of this episode, was the conflict of ideas between what Carol did. Is she right to kill people pre-emptively before they infect more people? Or should more precautions be taken? It's not as simple an answer as you would think. Sure, wanting to nip this disease in the butt is one thing, but when does it end? Do you just kill anybody that coughs? In the mindset that they could make others sick? Or do you let them live a little longer and try and help them, like Hershal and Rick do? I side a little bit towards the Rick side. Because what if the disease can be beaten? What if people can heal from it? What if some people get sick with something else? There are too many variables to justify Carol's method of handling this problem. But, I see where Carol is coming from.


SPOILERS!!!! If you don't want to find to find out what happens in the last 5 minutes, scroll to the overall.
DAMN RICK! Rick has officially booted out Carol. Rick told Carol that she was wrong to do what she did, and when the others find out, they will either kill her or kick her out. So Rick has said that she will move on, find others, and adapt with them, because he doesn't want her with them or near his children. Greta plot twist!

Overall, this episode progressed the drama along greatly. Not only did the end of the episode deliver a huge plot twist, but the drama and development along the way has given us enough drama that when the gang all gets back to the prison, things are going to change. Lines have been drawn, things have been said, and tensions are going to clash again. Carol looks like she is lining up to be the next Andrea, but at least we get where she is coming from.

I give The Walking Dead season 4 episode 4 a repetitive 4 out of 5. (seriously, 4's)