The Walking Dead season 4 episode 6 review

By Max Maier | Nov 18, 2013

The Governor is back! But first, we gotta see what he has been up to since the end of season 3. Where did he go after slaughtering his people? How is Woodberry? How is the Governor mentally? Well, we get a dive into all of that.

We start off with the last time we saw the Governor, after killing his army. He and his 2 henchmen drive off and camp out overnight. The next morning, the 2 henchmen abandon the Governor and leave him to fend for himself. The Governor then treks along the land for awhile. He finds Woodberry, in a shocking state that really draws an interesting response from our villain. He travels along until he finds an apartment building with some new faces, a woman named Lilly, her daughter Megan, Lilly's father and sister. The Governor says his name is Brian, and keeps quiet and to himself. "Brian" also tries to help them out with getting some air for the father in a nearby retirement community and looking for supplies in one of the upper apartments. However, The Governor wants to move on, and Lilly won't let him leave them behind. What happens between these new faces and our deranged Governor? Where do they go?


The best part of this episode is the knockout performance from David Morrissey. He was one of the strongest actors from season 3 with his performance as the Governor.  He knew how to convey a range from smooth gentlemen to psychotic killer. He could capture every emotion quite well, and yet, in this episode, we even see a new side of The Governor. It was like watching a horror movie for the first time. I remember thinking "when will he snap?" "when will he kill?" But we see a quiet Phillip whose motive we truly don't know about. Why is he helping these people? Why attach to them? There's so much we don't know about the Governor's mindset at this point. He also wins best zombie beat down in the show's history. This couple of minutes of awesomeness is worth the episode alone.

The supporting cast is ok. Lilly was the character we got the most of from this family (more on that later), and everybody was just, ok. The 2 daughters seemed a little too pushy and forward, but it certainly wasn't horrible. The Governor has a touching moment with the little girl, but the scene was amazing because of Morrissey's performance, not really the girl, although she did good on her own front.

The big point to make about this episode is that it is based off of the prequel Governor story written by comic book writer Robert Kirkman. These books were written to give the Governor an origin story that took place before the comics. I personally have not read the books, but it supposedly adds tons of depth and character to the Governor, which was just ok in the books. So in the show, we are seeing these events and characters in the current after the first prison fight, and how it effects a Governor who has already flipped his lid. To say this will be interesting is under-selling it.

These 2 points are nitpicks, but are there nonetheless. I miss Rick and the gang. I want to see what happens to everybody. Is Glenn ok? What will Daryl think about Carol? I appreciate catching up with the Phillip, but I wanted to see what goes on with everybody else.

Also, the episode is a bit dull for long periods of time. I know it has to set up what has been going on, but it is still slow.


Overall, I enjoyed catching up with The Governor. He was a great villain last season, and I eagerly awaited his return. Next week is the continuation of catching up, and I hope it is the last part, because I can't wait to see what The Governor has in store for Rick and the gang.

I give The Walking Dead season 4 episode 6, 3.5 zombie skull bashings out of 5

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