The Walking Dead season 4 episode 7 review

By Max Maier | Nov 25, 2013

Part 2 of the Governor's season 4 adventure concludes! We have been seeing what Phillip has been up to since the beginning of season 4, and with part 2, we finally see a return to the Governor we knew from season 3, and we see what his plan truly is.

We start off immediately where we left out last week. Martinez and his new camp of people find The Governor, Megan, Lilly and her sister after their escape from the zombies. Martinez establishes to the Governor that he is in charge, and Phillip must adapt to the life of their camp or he will kill him. The Governor figures out quickly who makes the calls for the group, and weasels his way in. After some scouting around the area, another group of people are found, but outnumber Martinez's camp, so they move on. the Governor quickly and violently takes the reigns to put the wheels of his plan in motion. The end of the episode comes full circle with the ending of episode 5, so next week we will be caught up with the present so The Governor can take another shot at claiming what he wants.


The focus of this week was the Governor again, but the story also tries to establish this new camp of characters. Unfortunately, you don't really care about these people too much. We are worn out trying to care about the new extras at the prison to learn about a whole new group of people. Even then, the characters they establish aren't show-changing. Martinez's return tries to tout him as more badass, but let's just say the tide turns quickly for him. We also meet 2 brothers who are leaders for the camp, but are different. One is weak and just does what his brother wants, and the other brother is a positive and supportive leader, similar to what Rick was before the era of Stuff and Things. So you can imagine the Governor's feelings towards a man that resembles Rick. Lilly still shows her care for the Governor, and Megan is still just a cute little girl. However, her conversation with The Governor was solid. Not as good as last week, but still solid. So The Governor's new crew is just there to be The Governor's crew, with the exception of a few we got to learn about.

However, once again the best part of this week was the Governor. Morrissey once again delivers a strong performance, but it doesn't have the impact it did last week. Last week, there was a lot of mystery and suspense revolving around the Governor, because we truly didn't know what mental state he was in. What would he do? How would react to Lilly and her family? Would he show his savage side again? It was this suspense that really gave you some edge of your seat tension. This week, it was back to the Governor we saw last season. The savage, sadistic and power-hungry Governor has returned. He takes the lives of 2 people this week, and both take downs are brutal. Finally, some brutal kills in this show again, in the vain of Otis in season 2 and so on. You can see the 1st one coming, but the 2nd kill was a bit shocking and tragic. But it also shows The Governor's hatred for Rick, or should I say jealousy. The Governor doesn't even know Rick outside of their one conversation. The Governor just wants what Rick has, and he will take it by any means necessary. The end of this episode with him was the best part of the episode. You saw his hatred and didn't know what he was going to do, and it leaves on a huge cliffhanger.


Overall, this 2-part Governor story just felt like a set up for The Governor's actions next week. We needed to see what he was up to since the slaughter of his people, and we needed to see how he was going to get an army again. We saw some slight signs of the human side of the Governor, but we sadly saw him slip back into the demented monster he has become. Next week is the mid season finale for The Walking Dead, and it promises some big things. Remember though, the season 3 finale promised big things with the assault on the prison and didn't deliver anything after it was promised, so my hopes aren't too high. There is no doubt though that it will be big. Was this 2-part set up a waste of time? Not by a long shot. The Governor is a big character, and this journey with him has been interesting. I eagerly look forward what is to come next week and I can't wait to return to Rick and the gang, we have missed them. That is probably the only huge flaws of these episodes, aside from the draggy pace.


I give The Walking Dead season 4 episode 7 a 3.5 golf swings out of 5

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