This IS Your Daddy's Razor

By Gary Arrington | Dec 24, 2012

A while back there was a lot of advertising for the Dollar Shave Club. You could have razors and/or cartridges automatically shipped to your home each month for just a fraction of what you would have paid at the grocery store. But someone eventually figured out that the razors and blades are made by a company named Dorco, and that you could buy in bulk directly from the company for about a third less than from Dollar Shave Club. Unfortunately, Dorco couldn't keep up with the demand and was often out of stock.

As I began to read about Dollar Shave Club and Dorco, I stumbled across some information about how some men were going back to their old safety razors instead of the multi-blade cartridges.

I knew I still had an old safety razor lying around the house, so I dug it out, and committed to giving it a try. Oops! blades. A day or two later, I visited a local drugstore and hunted up the razor blade section. There's not much choice available for double edged razor blades these days, but the price is right - less than $2 for 10 blades. I could easily shave for a couple of months with 10 blades - technically, 20 different edges. That was much less than paying about $2 for one cartridge! (By the way, I've checked for double edge blades at the Waynesville Wal-Mart over the last 4 months. There is an empty hole on the shelf with a "double edge" label, but I've never found any blades there. I don't know if this is an indication of high demand, or if they just can't get them anymore.)

I approached the mirror carefully the next morning, wondering if this would turn into a blood bath! Well, there's a reason they call them safety razors. There was no blood loss and I got one of the best shaves I'd had in years...better than I was getting with cartridges!

It's been about 6 months now and I'm still using my old safety razor and saving money by not buying cartridges. If you're interested in giving one a try, first ask your Grandpa or Dad if he still has one. If not, safety razors can be bought on Ebay and you might even find one in a local thrift shop. There are also numerous places on-line selling new razors. Apparently the Merkur brand of razors and blades is at the top of the heap, though I'm still using an old Gillette.

Almost all the sites I looked at about shaving recommended using a brush and shaving soap. I gave this a try too, but eventually regressed to my can of shaving creme. I have also found that hair conditioner makes a good substitute for shaving creme.

I haven't tried this tip yet, but apparently back-stroking your razor (safety or cartridge) on a pair of jeans will keep the blade sharp for a long time. Check out the video below - and happy shaving!



Keep your razor blades sharp
(Video by: Jake Robinson)