This Woodsplitting Trick Will (mostly) Save Your Back

By Gary Arrington | Jan 22, 2013

I've split my fair share of wood over the years, most of it without the aid of a hydraulic wood splitter. One of the most frustrating and tiring aspects of this job is that every time you split the log, the two pieces go flying off in opposite directions and have to be reset before the next swing. Bending over to set the log back up is both exhausting and time-consuming. 

Here's a trick to make your next woodsplitting job a little easier. Simply wrap a bungee cord around the middle of the log before you begin. It doesn't have to be really tight, but obviously it needs to have enough tension to hold it in place. A short piece of rope can be added if the bungee cord won't reach all the way around the log.

Now stand back and take a whack at the log with your axe or maul. The wood will split  but it won't fall over, thanks to the bungee cord holding everything together.  Work all the way around the log, splitting one piece at a time. When you've split the entire log, pick up the whole bundle, put it on the woodpile, then remove the bungee cord.

Take a look at this video to see how it all works.



Woodsplitting with a bungee cord
(Video by: akkamaan)
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