Through the Savior's eyes

By Eddie Watson | Dec 18, 2013

“Infinite, and yet an infant. Eternal, and yet born of a woman. Almighty, and yet nursing at a woman’s breast.

Supporting a universe, and yet carried in His mother’s arms. Heir of all things, and yet the carpenter’s despised son.” -Charles Spurgeon

Travel with me, back in time to a city called Bethlehem. Walk around to the back of the Inn to a place where animals are kept and fed.

Now look into the feeding trough lined with hay, and there you will find Him, not a baby, but rather; a King. Oh, but not only a king, but the King of all Kings.

As a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, I sometimes wonder what must have been going through the mind of Jesus. I wonder if on that cold winter night, as he lay there looking up into the heavens, if he saw His Father’s face.

Did He see the smile of approval on His lips and tears of sorrow in His eyes? For His Father knew that just beyond this joyous and glorious celebration of the Savior’s birth, laid a life of ridicule, betrayal, and ultimately, death.

As He laid there in the manger, as his parents and the shepherds gathered round to gaze upon who the prophets of old had foretold and who the Angels heralded, did He gaze into their soul, and see their need of the Savior?

As an infant, as the men in whom we refer to as wise, knelt before Him in worship, presenting their gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh, did He look into their eyes, knowing that He was the gift that they so desperately needed to receive?

I really do not know what might have been going through His mind, but I believe that when he laid aside his Royal diadem and exchanged it for swaddling clothes, He was not secretive in any way regarding His mission to redeem fallen man.

Still today, the purpose of His mission has not changed. That precious little baby, who submitted Himself to be born of human flesh, is the same Jesus that paid the ultimate price for redemption.

How can a world celebrate the baby and despise the man? How could He say, “Father, forgive them” after man’s injustice? It is because He looks past man’s faults and sees their need. Even now, He still looks at the world through the eyes of the Savior.

Eddie Watson is the pastor of Christ Worship Center in Maggie Valley. He can be reached at


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