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Time to ‘fit in’ more golf

By Paul Viau | Feb 12, 2014
Photo by: File Paul Viau

Before I get into the meat of my topic for this column, I would like to (painfully) revisit Tiger Woods’ first two starts of the PGA season.
In case you missed it, this was Tiger’s worst start to a golf season ever — shooting a pathetic 79 on the third day of the Farmers Open and missing the secondary cut.
Tiger followed that horrible “performance” the following week with a tie for 41st in the Dubai Desert Classic.
This is the first time in Tiger’s career that he failed to finish in the top-20 in one or more of his first two tournaments of the year.
What does all of this mean?
My interpretation is a basic one — golf is an incredibly challenging game, and very difficult to resume after any layoff. Many of the traditional leaders of the PGA are struggling right now, and they are professionals.
And it’s going to be even more difficult for us amateurs.
This is a wake-up call for all of us who love the game of golf — perfectly timed with Punksutawney Phil’s recent proclamation of “six more weeks of winter.” That gives us a scant couple of months to shake off the cobwebs of winter hibernation, precious little time to shed those extra pounds that have slowly crept onto our midsections and just enough time to “fit” into our summer khakis.
Lucky for all of us, I have stumbled onto an Internet resource for golfers that will help us jump on the fitness bandwagon — TPI’s Golf Fitness Academy.
This site is sponsored by TPI — the Titleist Performance Institute, which is dedicated to how the human body functions in relationship to the golf swing.
TPI has studied thousands of golfers of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels, gathering data to help all of us better prepare for golf. They have developed a number of drills and exercises to help improve your golf game, many of which can be done in the comfort of your home — even on a dreary, rain or snow day.
All you need to do is to login to and start poking around. The site is full of helpful articles, drills, exercises and excerpts from the Golf Fitness Academy featured on The Golf Channel.
A good starting point — and overview — is the TPI TV section, under the “improve my game” pull-down menu. There you will find eight video presentations that will help you prepare for the start of your 2014 tour.
Unless you ate much healthier than I did this past Superbowl Sunday, a good starting point is the TPI TV episode on nutrition. Once you get your eating habits back on track, you can delve into stretching, floor exercise, flexibility, stability training, and more.
With the TPI Web site, you can go at your own pace and tailor your pre-season training to your own needs. Of course, I would also recommend personalized, individual golf lessons, as we get closer to the season. Our area is blessed with many great golf instructors. More about that in my next column.
Until then, enjoy your new training aid —

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