Time to Raise the Level of HCGOP Leadership

By Scott Lilly | Jun 05, 2014

As a right-wing, conservative, Republican, I like to see my interests represented well in the community.  When I see unfair criticism toward those that represent my views, I do not sit silent.  When I see people oppose my views with seemingly unreasonable, illogical, or unsustainable justifications, I want to dig deeper to find out what I might not understand, to help my opponent “see the light”, or just clearly understand where we agree to disagree.

So the more I get involved with like-minded people in Haywood County, the more I see a void in leadership of those that share my views.  Leadership is defined as: a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.  Seemingly, part of the problem seems to be the definition of “a common task” when talking about the HCGOP.

But let’s examine how effective the HCGOP is in their stated common tasks:

1) To elect the best possible candidate who provides the best possible service to citizens of Haywood County.

How is this measured?  How are we doing in this goal?  Does “best possible service” include some kind of commitment to supporting the protections of a republic over the urges of a democracy?  How does the HCGOP “elect the best possible candidate”?  I thought that was the job of the voters.

2) To hold current government officials accountable, not only for their actions, but to the residents of Haywood County.

Does “current government officials” include those that run the HCGOP?  If it did, how would we hold ourselves accountable for actions or inactions?  If the HCGOP cannot hold itself accountable for much of anything, how can it be expected to hold government officials accountable?

3) To promote a non-intrusive, efficient government that is pro-business and pro-individual-rights.

Now this one makes the most sense as these elements have roots based in the protections of a republic: the protection of the minority from the majority.  Now be honest, how much promoting is being done by the (dis)organized HCGOP?  What leadership is coming from the HCGOP that either enables or is directly responsible for this promotion?  Point to it!  The events page of the HCGOP list: a Christmas Party, a Christmas parade, and an Apple Festival.  Please point to how these events promoted a republic form of government.  What metric is used to measure how effective the HCGOP leadership is at this goal?

In the year that I’ve been paying attention, the HCGOP has been as coherent as Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” bit.  Isn’t it time to elevate the conversation and leadership coming from the HCGOP?  Since I can't even pretend to understand the complicated politics within the HCGOP itself, does anyone have any ideas on how to raise the quality and conversation from the HCGOP and how it best interacts with Democrats?