To Tebow or not to Tebow

By Chad Upton | Sep 18, 2011

Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton are both painfully average. The current regime doesn’t have an allegiance to either one, so rather than praying a struggling Orton can somehow make a playoff push with the Broncos.
A playoff push behind Orton is not as valuable to the Broncos in the long run as a risky season behind Tebow. Let’s be real. John Elway doesn’t see either one of these guys as the future of the franchise.
With Matt Barkley, Andrew Luck and Landry Jones all hitting the market, odds are a new franchise quarterback is going to be coming to town. The Broncos proved last week that they aren’t a playoff team. The pass happy offense that made Orton look so great left when Josh McDaniels did.
Tebow has his own shortcomings, but the fan base and the organization need to get him in the game so they can stop clinging to this notion that Orton is the answer at quarterback.
Tebow elevates his trade value this season and the Broncos flip both him and Orton at the end of the season to build the rest of their team, Elway hand picks his quarterback and all is well and good in Denver. The Broncos are quite frankly one of the worst teams in the NFL. The pieces are coming together.
Gutting the franchise at the top is going to have a trickle down affect that lifts the team from the squalor McDaniels has forced them into. With Von Miller having all the makings of being a defensive superstar in the NFL, the Broncos need an offensive counterpart to really get Denver on the move.
Is it Orton or Tebow? Absolutely neither. Will subbing in Tebow for Orton have any affect on the way this season shakes out? Probably not and that’s the whole point. There is no sense in holding out hope for Orton when a first-round enigma is sitting on the bench. Maybe Tebow comes in and wins a few games for the franchise.
He remains one of the biggest fan favorites on the team, so it’s not as though the move would upset the masses.The Broncos need to find out what they have in Tebow and pray that they can elevate his trade value before they show him the door. As long as they keep Orton under center, Tebow’s stock continues to fall, the Broncos will still lose games and teams are becoming less and less interested in Orton.
The Broncos should have flipped Orton to the Dolphins while they had the chance, but it’s not too late to make the right move and give Tebow a shot.
He’s not going to lead the team to the promise land, but it’s the right move for the team as they look to the future. Starting Tebow right now allows the team to move on. It’s time for them to look away from the old regime and go onward to bigger and better things.