Too old to trick or treat? Not Maddie

A teenager's take on Halloween
By Maddie Claytor | Oct 21, 2012
Photo by: Michelle Claytor Maddie Claytor — aka Holly Golightly — will definitely be trick or treating this Halloween.

A lot of people (mostly teenagers), seem to wonder when you stop dressing up or going trick or treating on Halloween.

Is there a certain age you’re supposed to stop doing it? Is it supposed to suddenly seem “uncool” when you turn 14? What’s the right time?
These questions have been running through my mind lately. I’m 14 myself, and I think that I may be too old to trick or treat. I’ve been every year since I was about 3 years old.

My guess is if you surveyed a group elementary students whether or not they were going trick or treating, you would probably have 100 percent “yes!” If you asked middle schoolers you would probably have about 50 percent yes. And high school students would probably be less than half.

Where’s the loss of interest, you may wonder. The older you get, the less fun walking the streets in whimsical, itchy, store-bought costumes and getting candy sounds. When you’re older, you go to Halloween parties, put toilet paper on people’s trees or watch a horror movie by yourself. I’d imagine that most teenagers prefer parties over trick or treating.

As a teen, I’ll admit that sometimes walking from house to house for candy does get a little old. There’s not much excitement to it. When you’re younger, it’s fun because almost everything is cool when you’re younger.

I guess for kids, as you get older, the “cool” stuff about Halloween is standing around at parties in their costumes talking about each other. Some of them take advantage of the costume thing by tossing toilet paper on trees and being able to annoy the neighborhood without getting caught. I don’t really see the thrill or excitement in that, but whatever floats your boat.

As  for dressing up for this holiday, you start out being cows, pumpkins, fairies, princesses, etc. Then, the older you get, the more the costumes seem to change. A lot of girls make risqué Halloween costumes out of the most innocent things like bumble bees, Eskimos, school girls, police officers, etc. We all know that those costumes don’t really resemble what they’re supposed to. One year I saw a bumble bee costume that looked like a bumble bee as much as a fly looks like an elephant. I’m not saying all girls dress like that on Halloween, and if they do it’s OK. They want to look cute and/or attractive.

Sometimes costumes go the morbid route, which I think is a lot of fun. Such as zombies, road kill and blood clots. One year I saw a kid dressed up like a dead priest. I appreciate the thought those people put into their costumes. It’s creative. Who knows how morbidly psychotic, twisted and creative teens will be dressed up as 30 years from now, if they do dress up?

As for what the right age is to stop dressing up, I think it’s a personal preference. My friends and I don’t care as long as we still get free candy.